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By Dave Weinbaum







































In a speech in Ohio about his SOTU address, President Trump said Dems who sat on their hands when he talked about the great achievements of his presidency should have celebrated just like Republicans. He “joked” that their response or lack there-of was “treasonous.”


As expected and he intended, the press was all over this like a cat chasing a laser.




Consider the fact that MSM and Dems had called him: Hitler, Tyrant, International disgrace, Bully Baby, Buffoon, dictator, psychopath, Narcissistic, racist and misogynist. Shouldn’t Donald be able to answer like-kind?


Can’t take a little pun fun?


Just to be fair, something the MSM and Dems never seem to be, let’s remember how they used “treason” accusations and against whom:


·    Senator Corey “Manspread” Booker: The release of the Nunes memo could be viewed as “treasonous.”


·    NY State Governor Anthony Cuomo: Trump tax cuts and reform are “treasonous”-it’s modern day Benedict Arnold.


·    Ex-Governor, DNC Chair and Presidential Candidate, screaming Howard Dean: Now Senator Tom Cotton’s criticism of the

pending Iran Deal borders on “treason.”


·    Senator and Hillary’s charismatic VP choice Tim “YUUGE Yawn” Kaine: On Don Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer: Potentially “treasonous.”


·    Representative Ted Lieu: Russia probe potentially “treasonous.” We must have a shut down on any of Trump’s agenda.


Here’s my opinion: The DNC, still with President Trump’s address in their data base as a Schumer and Hillary contributor accidentally sent Trump Dem talking points.


Sometimes you have to rock the boat to save the passengers


Let’s talk about some REAL TREASON: The kind that you usually see in movies and almost never take place in the USA—unless it’s an invasion from a foreign country. We are witnessing an ongoing coup from our very own “intelligence” agencies, the MSM and now the previous POTUS, Barack Obama.


When and if the facts are revealed, we’ll see some Democrats and some RINOS helping to dump Trump. Remember, RINO John McCain was involved with the Russia Dossier.


The Hillary-DNC funded Russia Dossier used for a FISA warrant to criminally spy on the first candidate then duly elected POTUS is TREASON. And it’s the tip of an ugly country-smashing iceberg.


By the way, if no one is above the law shouldn’t we get an explanation from the Obama-appointed former associate of Eric Holder, FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras? Shouldn’t we get to see the documentation of what was presented to the Judge?


His Honor awarded a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign before the election and it continues still. According to the Nunes memo, there was no notification of any political connection. The Woods Procedure means that whoever brought this to the judge committed a crime. That would be the leadership of the FBI and/or DOJ, James Comey etal.


The inevitable deliverance of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report should be fatal to the criminal leadership of these agencies. If the evidence is honestly and fully presented, the top leadership of our Intel services and whomever colluded with them and the Russians will face criminal penalties and not just dismissal. Anything less would kill an already damaged justice system and create real reasons to revolt such as existed during our first revolution. 


Let’s not forget the forthcoming REAL SCANDAL—the cover-up and obstruction caused by the misdirection of the FBI under the DOJ to examine just who benefited and looked the other way when things like Uranium1 was going down and all the time before and after. We’re talking DECADES of corruption and it includes former FBI Director Robert Mueller.


The most important inheritance you can leave your children is the example you set in life


What I’m about to say may not be popular with some. However, it needs to be expressed. I have talked to Intel people on my radio show and they seem to agree with my assessment on FBI agents who are not in leadership.


Let me respectfully remind you of the oath you took to serve in the FBI:


I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.


I see no pledge from you to protect and defend obviously corrupt leadership. To the contrary, If you know there are crimes against the “Constitution” and that you are aware of “enemies foreign and domestic” you vowed to fight against it.


It’s more than a job description—it’s your oath to your fellow citizens and G0d.

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