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White Nationalism/Christian Nationalism: Leftist Labels and Manipulation

Christopher G. Adamo - Author of "Rules for Defeating Radicals"

In my book "Rules for Defeating Radicals" (Available at Amazon), I explain in great detail that the primary goal of leftists in any political discourse is first to claw their way onto their phony "moral high ground." Regardless of the particular issue at hand, and how weak their position may be, it is essential for them to stake that claim of unassailable "virtue," from which they can spew endless sanctimony, brazenly lauding themselves while condemning the evils anyone who would dare to oppose them.

Just as important to understand is that leftists never truly care about any person or "cause" they claim to champion. The moment their cherished wards or special interests become an impediment to the latest crusade, they are jettisoned without a second's hesitation. Leftists are, first and foremost, hypocrites. Their professed concerns are always a mask, by which they shamelessly invoke the plight of others for political leverage.

Pick your topic. From climate and the environment, to their heart-wrenching travails ostensibly on behalf of minorities, to similar cries for the "advancement of women," to their insistence on "economic justice" for the little guy, their grandstanding one week is totally contradicted by their behavior in the next. Leftists only "care" if such realignments and treachery will aid and abet their political fortunes, which is their sole motivation.

Any roadblocks must be ideologically destroyed. This isn't always an easy trick. Some American institutions need to be assiduously attacked, in order for leftists to sufficiently denigrate them and assert their own position as being morally superior. Yet they will reflexively resort to their standard playbook, and they invariably do so in a manner which, although it should be patently obvious to any astute observer, has nonetheless proven to be reliably successful in the past. So why change now?

In doing so, their behavior becomes absolutely predictable, and that makes it extremely vulnerable to exposure, once the general public gets wise to their game. This, more than any professed desire to "end the hate and divisiveness" (which they declare on a totally selective basis), is the real reason they always ultimately seek to marginalize and eventually silence every political and ideological adversary.

The pattern has once again become glaringly obvious with the dramatic rise of their derogatory references to "White Nationalism" and "Christian Nationalism." For starters, it must be thoroughly understood that in the minds of leftists, neither of these terms has any real bearing on race or religion. Rather, they are leveled as pejoratives and accusations; their real targets being good, God-fearing American Patriots of every ethnicity.

In the past, leftists first attempted to attack the very concept of Patriotism as a negative, claiming it to reflect arrogance and hostility towards people of differing nationalities and cultures. Ostensibly, Caucasians living in this Country held all others in contempt and wanted to expunge them from our shores. Yet the overwhelming weakness of this argument rendered it ineffective to their agenda of division and acrimony. Far too many among mainstream America, including those of every imaginable national background, were happy to stand with their Country and proudly wave its "Stars and Stripes."

So, in textbook Alinsky fashion, leftists were compelled to invent demeaning labels by which to recast pro-American sentiment as something negative, and even dangerous. And that is where the terms "White Nationalist" and "Christian Nationalist" were spawned. If they were authentic, they might well echo the dangers of Nazi genocide or the mass persecutions and slaughter that occurred during the Spanish Inquisition. Of course fears of such a prospect serve the intents and goals of leftists very well.

Given the marked increase in the usage of these phrases by leftist ideologues in recent months, it is important to look beyond their sanctimony, and focus on the real intentions of those who hurl them as accusations against their political enemies. They are obviously afraid that Americans are growing tired of the leftist onslaught, and how it has gravely damaged every facet of life in our Country. As Americans increasingly awaken to the root causes, a resurgence in love for the former greatness of our Nation, in its past role as a world leader and champion of freedom, could pose a mortal threat to the left.

Per Alinsky, any longings for a restoration of America as it was prior to the current descent into the moral and cultural sewer of leftist dominance must be completely castigated and mocked. Expressed desires for the Nation to change its current course cannot be regarded as "Patriotic" calls for Americans to rise to the aid of their Countrymen. Instead, they must be rebranded as ominous signs of bigotry and oppression.

Ironically, the hate and subjugation of common people by those in authority are, in actuality, the very weapons by which leftists empower themselves and trample the rights and freedoms of others. It has always been that way. As leftists, their entire worldview is founded on the vile premises and lies of Marxism. Hence, it cannot be advanced by anything more worthy, but must be inflicted on a populace through more of the same.

Facing this menacing pall as it overtakes major institutions and descends upon our land, Americans wonder just what we can possibly do to prevent a total overthrow of our rights, freedoms, and opportunities to live our lives in peace and pursue our dreams in confidence. Yet by the very manner that leftists attack, they reveal their greatest weakness. They are compelled to deflect from the truth of pro-America Patriotism, and onto their ugly labels and platitudes. So, by far the best response is to diligently take the discourse immediately back to its real premises.

Americans who seek a great America do so for their own sakes, and no less for the sake of those around them who stand to benefit from that rising tide, irrespective of national background or Church affiliation. It was the noble ideals of this Nation, and the Judeo-Christian principles on which it was founded, that provided so much good for so many. And that is a message that should resound throughout our land, in defiance of leftists and their duplicitous arrogance, which is ultimately only a reflection of the real hate and bigotry lurking within their shriveled and darkened souls.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals" is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.


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