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Untested Waters:Epshteyn says Constitution Doesn't Prohibit Trump from Being Reinstated as President

Untested waters. Boris Epshteyn, former Special Assistant to President Trump, joined Dr. Gina Loudon on Real America’s Voice on Monday.

During their discussion, Epstheyn weighed in on the current audit in Arizona and potential outcome after several state election audits expose massive fraud in the 2020 election. Epshteyn responded that the US Constitution does not prohibit Trump reinstatement, the matter has never been ruled upon.

Epshteyn said that “the interplay of the 10th Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution, the 12th Amendment and Article II, “would suggest that states do have a right to decertify. And from then, it’s an open question what happens next.” He said that after information becomes available from state audits, “decertification should happen because that’s the correct step from the states. And from then on in terms of deciding what to do about the federal election, well, there’s gonna be an open question,” he noted, remarking that he believes that the matter will go before the Supreme Court.

Here’s the video – via The Palmieri Report:

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