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THIS, AGAIN!? Cuomo Says Restaurants Must Install ‘5-Foot-Tall Solid Partitions’ Between Tables

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is allowing restaurants to serve customers at 100% capacity this week, but still requiring they install “five-foot-tall solid partitions” between different tables or remain at 75% with some social distancing regulations in place.

“The May 19 reopening is not a full return to normal. In many cramped New York City restaurants, the requirement to maintain six feet of distance between tables could mean fewer customers than under the 75 percent capacity that had already been allowed. In New York, the indoor social gathering limit will be set at 250, and the outdoor limit will be set at 500,” reports the New York Times.

“Restaurants will be allowed to place tables closer together to reach 100 percent capacity if five-foot-tall solid partitions are placed between them, Mr. Cuomo said. And theaters and other large venues, including ballparks, are permitted to return to full capacity, instead of one-third full, if they require patrons to show proof of vaccination,” adds the newspaper.

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