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The Stolen 2020 Election Continues to Mock America!

The entire Republican "Establishment" is having a collective meltdown over the fact that President Trump refuses to take an oath of loyalty to the Party. From Washington to Iowa, entrenched Republicans are decrying his unwillingness to make the desires of party elites his "guideposts" of principle during the upcoming presidential campaign season. Yet given the issues that have been totally abandoned by the Party, along with the comparative distractions on which it chooses to stand, President Trump is absolutely right to refuse further entanglements with it.

By far the most important and defining issue of the day, the mention of which causes Party insiders to instantly scamper for the tall grass, is the stolen Presidential Election of 2020. Regardless of how GOP elites attempt to spin it and dissemble from it, the fact remains that a vast web of vote fraud, perpetrated in the wee hours of the morning of November 4, turned what was obviously a comfortable Trump victory into a supposed "razor thin" win by the mentally incompetent and feeble Joe Biden.

Everybody saw the steal. But the sheer brazenness of leftist ballot stuffing and vote manipulation carried its own "shock and awe" factor, stunning many on the Right into questioning what they had just witnessed. Yet that act was actually exceeded by the ferocity of condemnation blasted against anyone who dared speak the obvious. Within days, even Conservative stalwarts were intimidated by the enormity of the leftist counterattack, and were backtracking with insipid terms such as "possible voting irregularities" in a futile effort to avoid becoming targets of leftist Democrat wrath.

Now, as the 2024 Presidential Election cycle intensifies, RINO sellouts share a common goal with the Democrats, which is to simply pretend the 2020 Election theft never happened. In textbook Alinsky fashion, the "conventional wisdom" is being pronounced with a professed degree of assurance and moral authority we may not have seen since Moses came down from Mount Sinai with those stone tablets. Anyone who dares treat the 2020 cycle of treason as anything less than "the most secure election in American history" is deemed the worst of heretics, and an imminent threat to "democracy."

Thankfully, President Trump steadfastly refuses to back down. Moreover, the majority of the Republican base stands resolutely with him. The days of blind trust in the "nightly news" are over. Leftist propagandizing just doesn't have the sway it once did, even if "mainstream" Republicans from inside the Beltway are still willing to play along with it. And it is this, more than any other aspect of who he is, that makes President Trump their greatest enemy; one that has to be silenced at all cost.

Hence the recent barrage of phony "indictments," which themselves are the real criminality on the public stage. Having failed to shame President Trump into denying the truth of the stolen election (Trump is reflexively immune to the Alinsky strategy), the weaponized DOJ now targets him for prosecution. The sole purpose of this effort is to claim grounds for his "disqualification" to run in 2024. They fear he will once again rally the American people in massive numbers, and they cannot risk the possibility that another election theft might not succeed.

Regardless of how the left attempts to snuff out any light being cast on their treachery, or how RINOs posture and contort in their effort to aid and abet the left while claiming to be "Conservative," Americans become more aware on a daily basis of just how devastating the 2020 coup has been to our Nation and its future. More than any individual issue, the power shift from a rigged "voting" system can potentially be irreversible.

With textbook predictability, the moment leftist Democrats seized the reins of power, they imposed their moral/spiritual depravity and instituted abhorrent policies with a fervor and brutality intended to fool the common man into believing that they actually had a "mandate." From the devastation of America's energy industry, to the obliteration of our Southern Border, to the circus freak show of lunatic Cabinet appointees, the message was that this was the "desired" direction of the Nation, according to the "will of the voter."

Of course such outrages carry horrendous consequences, not only in the immediate, but also in the long term. The deliberate and treasonous Afghanistan withdrawal, while surrendering nearly $100 billion in military assets to the terrorist Taliban and costing untold innocent lives, revealed an America to the world that can no longer be trusted by foreign powers, no matter who is in office. It makes no sense to align with our Nation, even if a strong and principled leader holds office, only to have it instantly shift on a dime to the opposite direction during the next stolen election.

The Nation faces an incessant barrage of daily attacks on its economy, its international standing, its founding principles, and every aspect of what once made us great. To our horror, we witness the revolving door of massive outlays to Ukraine and other clearly illegal abuses of our national treasury. The list of felonies committed by Hunter, and the rest of the Biden Crime Family continues to grow. The hideous nature of child trafficking on such a massive scale screams of systemic corruption and thoroughly dirty "law" enforcement. Terrorists and drug cartel kingpins pour through the open Southern Border. Meanwhile, the Federal Government fixates on trampling your ability to own a gas stove if you so choose. None of this is happening by accident. The goal is to make the damage irreparable, and to silence any who might object.

By definition, those Republicans who refuse to acknowledge the stolen 2020 Election reveal their unwillingness to actually confront the evil tide that it represents. Thus a thoroughly politicized third-world kangaroo court can wage war against President Trump. Conversely, he knows from painful personal experience the extent of the problem, and the foundational need to address it.

We are often told that "Elections have consequences." And to the degree that Americans have at times failed to grasp the nature of a looming threat, they have made bad choices at the ballot box, often resulting in bitter but valuable lessons for them. Yet if the leadership and direction of the Country can be forcibly and illegally wrested from their hands, a much worse fate awaits. The corrupt "system" simply will not fix itself. Stolen elections, if not rectified, can have fatal consequences.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.


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