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The Chinese TV commercial that the NBA doesn’t want its players to see

The National Basketball Association has climbed into bed with the Chinese Communist Party because the nation it rules is a huge market that seems to be in love with basketball. So eager to please the ruling communists is the NBA that fans with protest signs supporting Hong Kong democracy protestors were kicked out of games.

The NBA does, however, love protests against the United States, especially Black Lives Matter protests, even though those have led to death and destruction in this country. The vast majority (almost 3/4) of NBA players are Black, even though such a widely disproportionate racial makeup of any other highly paid workforce outside of athletics would be deemed strong evidence of racial discrimination.

I would wager that the NBA’s management does not want its players to see the following Chinese television commercial in which a Chinese woman shoves a Black man into a washing machine after feeding him a laundry detergent tablet, where the advertised product magically (and violently) washes the blackness out of the man – to the delight of the woman. He comes out Chinese (not White), of course.

I am not sure how “White Supremacy” can be blamed for this, but I bet somebody tries.

This video was posted online by The Nation, a major newspaper in Kenya.

Graphic credit: YouTube screengrab

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