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SUICIDE SQUAD: House Censures Tlaib, Bush and Omar Flip Out, Go Down Screaming

The House of Representatives officially voted to censure squad Rep. Rashida Tlaib Tuesday night for antisemitic remarks and defending Hamas in the wake of the horrific terror attack of October 7th.

The resolution was introduced by Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA) after a similar resolution from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was voted down earlier in the week due to the use of the word “insurrection.”

McCormick’s resolution passed 234-188, with four members voting present.

“This is not about a First Amendment issue. Rashida Tlaib has a right to spew antisemitic vitriol, even call for the destruction of the Jewish state,” McCormick told members.

“But the House of Representatives also has the right to make it clear that her hate speech does not reflect the opinion of the chamber. And that’s what this resolution is about,” he added.

Tlaib delivered remarks from the House floor along with her fellow Squad members.

“I am the only Palestinian American serving in Congress, and my perspective is needed here now more than ever. I will not be silenced and I will not let anyone distort my words. I’m from Detroit, where I learned to speak truth to power, even if my voice shakes,” Tlaib shared on X.

Rep. Cori Bush shouted on the floor of the House until her mic was cut off.

Rep. Ilhan Omar also delivered remarks, screaming into the microphone.

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