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More than HALF of Republicans say U.S. 'seems headed' towards another civil war in the near future

  • 44 per cent of Americans say the nation is headed toward civil war

  • A 53 per cent majority of Republicans said the nation 'seems headed' in that direction

  • Poll was conducted by Southern Poverty Law Center with Tulchin Research

A new poll shows 44 percent of Americans believe the nation is headed toward another civil war – with a majority of Republicans believing it will happen.

The data comes in a new poll by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which also found support for the 'Great Replacement Theory' referenced by the shooter who opened fire in a Buffalo supermarket last month.

A total of 44 percent agree with the statement that the nation 'seems headed toward a civil war in the near future,' according to the poll. That includes 53 per cent of Republicans and 39 per cent of Democrats.

The poll by the group and Tulchin Research came in late April, before the horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, where the assailant's digital postings were filled with conspiratorial and racist ramblings.

In another concerning statistic, about one in five said they at least somewhat approved of assassinating a politician whom they believed was 'harming the country or our democracy.'

A year after a mob of Donald Trump supporters breached police barricades at the Capitol, Republicans were more likely to agree that 'some violence may be necessary to get the country back on track.'

The figure included 44 per cent of young Democratic men and 40 per cent of young Republican women, the Washington Times reported.

Nearly seven in ten agreed that left wing politicians were deliberately driving economic changes to gain power by 'replacing more conservative white voters' – terminology that suggests people are being 'replaced' by non-white voters coming into the country.

'What we found was a great deal of hostility for people on the other side of the political aisle,' according to SPLC. 'A majority of both Republicans and Democrats believe their political opponents pose a threat to the country and want to harm their political opponents. That kind of animosity could fuel partisan violence.'

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