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MAGA mug-shot momentum: More signs Americans are ready for a Trump comeback


The mug shot was designed to embarrass him, but it’s already backfiring.

In classic Donald Trump fashion, the Republican front-runner and former president again flipped the script on Democrats, took control of the narrative, and turned the left’s latest feckless political smear into a rallying cry for patriotic Americans nationwide.

The mug shot — along with Mr. Trump‘s spectacular return to X, formerly known as Twitter — marked a sharp shift in energy and a profound pivot in political calculus.

More than ever, this election feels like Donald Trump’s Act III: The Art of the Comeback.

Donations are surging, poll numbers are rising, and support is growing for Mr. Trump’s historic reelection bid, all while he must combat one corrupt witch hunt indictment after another.

Mr. Trump is polling even better than he did in 2016 or 2020.

According to the latest findings from Emerson, the Republican front-runner holds a 5-point lead nationally over President Biden when including third-party candidates.

And it’s no outlier. Recent polls from Reuters-Ipsos, Leger-NY Post and Schoen Cooperman Research all have Mr. Trump up over Mr. Biden.


Because once again, Democrats are overplaying their hand — just as they’ve done time and time again with Russiagate, with the confirmation hearing of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the impeachment over a phone call, and the relentless attacks on Trump voters.

Does anyone really believe Mr. Trump would be hit with one indictment after another if he weren’t running for president?

That’s all this is about: trying to stop him from running and trying to interfere as much as possible in the 2024 election.

It’s why Mr. Trump’s courage is inspiring to so many. If he weren’t running, none of this would be happening.

Unlike Mr. Biden and so many other products of the Washington swamp, Mr. Trump puts his love of country and his mission to restore American greatness above his personal security, stability — and frankly, his safety.

And remember, there are no Trump policies without Mr. Trump himself.

With Mr. Trump back in the White House, Americans’ quality of life improves on Day 1.

This is what scares the left more than anything. They’re not worried that Mr. Trump will hurt the country. They’re worried that he’ll actually fix it, deflating and defeating the entire Democratic Party’s identity.

Because when Americans’ lives improve, the Democrats’ grievance politics fall flat.

If the Trump campaign wants to distill its message down to its core mission, consider this: With Mr. Trump in the Oval Office, life gets better.

The border will be secure.

Wages will rise, and businesses will thrive.

America’s adversaries will think twice about accelerating their aggression.

And there will be revenge against the corrupt rot inside the federal bureaucracy.

This election is a moment to rejuvenate the American spirit like never before.

It’s a moment to get it right for hardworking American families nationwide.

That’s why the mug shot feels more energizing than anyone anticipated.

Because it’s when you’re over the target, the calls to silence you grow the loudest.

In 2024, it’s all on the line.

We’re one day closer to victory and one day closer to a better life.

• Kimberly Guilfoyle is host of “The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show” on Rumble.

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