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LifeSite silenced by YouTube


YouTube censors have completely shut down the pro-life LifeSite channel, as well as erased all the Christian group’s videos.

While YouTube is a privately owned company and therefore within its free-market rights to pick and choose its posters — come on, now. As if the abortion matter only had one side?

As if pro-lifers are hateful and intolerant?

Abortion is ugly — even those who support the cause of abortion have to admit that.

And the argument over when life begins, at conception versus at birth, is far from what the pro-abortion side would like to claim is “settled.” In fact, if anything, the argument has been settled in favor of the conception crowd. Science, technology and laser-sharp 3-D sonograms have really shown what the Bible already teaches as truth: that even before God formed His creations in the womb, He knew them.

Presenting all views so as to allow for informed choice would seem a no-brainer.

But not in today’s anti-conservative, hostile-to-Christian social media market.

“YouTube just completely removed the LifeSiteNews YouTube channel,” LifeSite wrote. “This isn’t a temporary ban; every single one of our videos is completely gone. Thankfully, we have backups of all our videos, but this means hundreds of thousands of people have lost access to our truth-telling content.”

That’s the tolerant left.

Busily shutting down views that don’t conform to the rigid standards of secularism and immoral living those of the left so often represent.

But the “see no evil, hear no evil” monkey way of living doesn’t pan out well. Shutting down truth doesn’t change the truth or make it go away.

YouTube’s futile attempt to erase LifeSite doesn’t change abortion’s evil into good.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at or on Twitter, @ckchumley. Listen to her podcast “Bold and Blunt” by clicking HERE. And never miss her column; subscribe to her newsletter by clicking HERE. Her latest book, “Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise Or America Will Fall,” is available by clicking HERE.

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