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Leftist Mobs Supplant Government "By the People"By: Christopher G. Adamo

America may never know the real guilt or innocence of policeman Derrick Chauvin, who was found guilty of the May of 2020 murder of George Floyd. The abhorrent mayhem and anarchy that preceded the verdict was permitted and endorsed by a political monstrosity that intends to totally supplant any form of real justice in America going forward. Chauvin was presumed guilty by the leftist mob which engaged in race-baiting, leading to mass violence, in the immediate aftermath of Floyd's death and again during the trial.

The goal from the start was to avoid any consideration of who Floyd was, or how he had behaved prior to his arrest. He was just an innocent "gentle-giant" who was brutally murdered by white racist cops. It was the perfect leftist narrative to stoke flames of racial discord across America throughout last summer. And that was all the left needed, in order to promote its agenda of shutting down the police, and further dismantling any portion of our nation's heritage that impeded the leftists' relentless march toward socialism.

Worst of all, the degree to which leftist Democrats publicly demanded a guilty verdict, even before any evidence was presented, only ensures that each new case going forward will be greeted on the street by the same arson, looting, assaults, and murders that accompanied the Floyd situation. This despicable pattern involved the ever-vile Maxine Waters, who advocated for more rioting and mayhem if the left didn't get its desired result.

Always seeking ways in which to prove itself to be "legitimate," the Biden cabal predictably joined in, and did its utmost to fan these flames on the side of lawlessness during the trial, and particularly afterwards. The trial and its outcome was not treated as proper punishment for a crime, but was instead lauded as a victory for the anti-American left and its countercultural agenda.

Meanwhile, as police forces are being hamstrung and decimated in so many leftist Democrat jurisdictions, the ultimate victims of the resultant crime waves are mostly black inner city residents. They vastly outnumber the victims of excessive police force, and have included so many innocent children who were too young to understand the descending pall of violence and death that has overtaken their lives.

The harm to black communities couldn't have been worse if every racist cop across America had joined forces with the KKK to attack minority neighborhoods. But that's how leftists operate, and when all of their shameless grandstanding is done, those are the results they invariably achieve. Yet leftists are cold-blooded in their indifference to the real tragedy and suffering in those neighborhoods, because it just isn't helpful to their political agenda. In the long run the amassing of power is all that really concerns them.

As usual, those on the right are ordered to grovel at the feet of this monster, pandering shamelessly before its abundant self-professed "virtue," and begging absolution for the "sin" of just being mainstream America. And all too often, they submit, giving credence to the lie. Conservative America too easily accepts the notion that the Chauvin/Floyd incident was about the racism of white cops, which of course is reflective of the racism of all of Mainstream America. And on that basis, the fawning and self-reproach must continue until the leftist monster (which, not coincidentally, is largely made up of white leftists) feels satiated.

Now is the opportune time for shameless Democrats to talk of disbanding police forces in the inner cities and offering "reparations." No doubt at the end of all that, peace and harmony will descend on America's urban areas, to be followed by the onset of leftist utopia across the land. And yes, leftists actually do promote their agenda on such absurdly idealistic and empty terms.

The sad reality of the current situation is that leftist activists from the inner cities are now feeling their "oats" as they riot, plunder, and assault their way through their own neighborhoods, ensuring their living conditions will remain in a perpetual state of nightmarish lawlessness. Every time the slightest excuse can be concocted to resume their attacks, primarily among their own people, the rampages will ensue.

Leftist Democrats in public office are actually fine with that. A "justice" system that doesn't hold street thugs accountable from the lowest to the highest levels, is one in which corrupt and treasonous politicians can also ply their self-serving schemes with no risk of any reckoning. The boundaries between the street mob and the tyrannical monster is only one of "official designation." America will continue to lurch towards that as long as the general passivity and compliance of conservatives lets the criminal leftist element get away with it.

Word of caution to conservatives: The road to peace when dealing with a marauding, morally bankrupt enemy is not to attempt to placate it on its terms. Doing so only amounts to further enabling and empowering it. All of history is replete with the examples. It is appalling and reprehensible that such an admonition even needs to be made at this point, but given the haplessness and pliability of "our side," it is clearly warranted. If we really want the situation to improve, we will have to stop listening to the advice of the "Business as usual" crowd as to how to change it.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.


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