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JAMES COMEY: ‘The Republican Party Needs to be Burned Down’

Disgraced ex-FBI boss James Comey weighed-in on the 2020 election and Inauguration of Joe Biden this week; saying the Republican Party needs to be “burned down.”

“Something is shifting, and I’m hoping it’s the fault breaking apart, a break between the Trumpists and those people who want to try and build a responsible conservative party, because everybody should know that we need one,” Comey said. “Who would want to be part of an organization that at its core is built on lies and racism and know-nothingism? It’s just not a healthy political organization.”

“That’s what you saw on Capitol Hill, our own Chernobyl, when the ugly radioactive violence and racism of America explodes in public view,” he continued.

“It’s a hill. If you wanted to defend it, you could defend it, and for some reason it was not defended,” he said.

Read the full report here.

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