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Hunter Indictment Is Merely Throwing Political Crumbs

Too many Conservatives have been breathlessly excited ever since last week's reports of impending Hunter Biden indictments. It's as if people believe "justice" will finally be served on the entire Biden crime family and its decades long course of institutionalized political manipulations and corruption. Unfortunately, even if the indictments ever lead to actual legal actions, they are pure tokenism revealing both the thoroughly compromised state of the American "justice" system, as well as the increasingly desperate and aimless condition of the Conservative opposition.

The odds against Hunter ever actually facing jail time are astronomical. Leftists simply play one legal game after another until either the judicial clock runs out, or the emotions of their opposition are eventually exhausted, as enthusiasm levels are continually ratcheted up, only to be let down when "prosecutors" reveal that they have no real intention of seeking decisive action.

That's how Hillary Clinton, the Nation's number one career criminal, walks the streets as a "free" person in 2023, despite having engaged in a lifelong pattern of selling influence from every single position of power she ever held throughout her sordid time in office. Surely, such blatant misuse of government assets and power, reaping tens of millions in solicited bribes from her personal computer server (No, it wasn't about Chelsea's wedding plans), should have resulted in prosecution for high crimes and treason. Except that Hillary knew she could count on the equally flagrant corruption of others in high office such as former FBI director James Comey, along with the fecklessness of those on the Right who might actually be in pursuit, to give her cover.

In like manner, Hunter has little to worry him. Nor does the Biden/Obama crime cabal have any reason to expect any sort of diligent "follow up" from all this, which might lead to their own criminality being scrutinized and pursued. Instead, Conservatives now look to exact any sort of punitive action against Hunter, desperately hoping to spotlight it as "validation" of their efforts to uncover crimes and treason on the left. In this, the entire exercise appears increasingly desperate and petty.

"Something is better than nothing" we are told. But is it really? Are we not far better off focusing on the real crimes committed by the Biden/Obama cabal in the White House, from the Afghanistan sellout to the Taliban, in which American interests were totally betrayed in front of the rest of the world, to the ongoing "revolving door" of billions being sent to Ukraine, with so much of it ending up back in leftist Democrat coffers. Against all of this, any slap on the wrist meted out to Hunter Biden is less than merely inconsequential. Rather it is an enormous slap in America's face.

Meanwhile, the thoroughly politicized and weaponized "Justice" system is being unleashed with a vengeance on law-abiding and honest Americans, for the purpose of silencing their efforts to warn the Nation of the consequences of the stolen 2020 Election. A relentless "Witch Hunt" is still being waged against anyone who was even remotely involved in the January 6 episode at the US Capitol.

Despite the fact that, at worst, a relative handful of people may have been guilty of trespassing, and the overwhelming majority of those were manipulated into entering the premises by the duplicitous coordinated actions of leftists, in conjunction with a large cadre of FBI infiltrators, the goal is to exact such enormous penalties on those individuals, and to so publicly disgrace and attack them, that nobody will ever again muster the nerve to confront leftist election fraud, regardless of how flagrant and pernicious it might be. Even discussing the theft that Americans all witnessed is becoming "taboo," which is the surest means of establishing such behavior as the primary method of determining "leadership" in American government going forward.

Yet these despicable precedents go far beyond the single outrage of the 2020 Election theft, abhorrent as it may be. With one national election already wrested from the voters, and America put into the clammy tentacles of the "Deep State" through all the 2020 fraud and chicanery, the Nation teeters on the brink of forever losing any vestige of self-government by the people.

Already, so much of the electoral process has succumbed to the raging propaganda blitzes and censorship of the leftist Fake News crowd. Yet even that has lost its ability to totally manipulate and blind the populace at large. So increasingly, Americans must be told which ideologies they ostensibly embrace, followed up by every possible effort to manipulate vote tabulations in order to match the approved talking points of the state propagandists. Once that milestone is achieved, the plan is to loudly proclaim that Americans wholeheartedly embrace the squalor, oppression, and brutality of socialism, citing the manipulated vote counts and ballot stuffing as "proof," and threatening severe repercussions against any who dare disagree.

This is the nightmarish future currently facing America, if leftists are able to continue their onslaught unabated. And given such a prospect, it should be obvious that no amount of official chastisement against Hunter will lessen the existential threat facing our Nation. It is therefore incumbent on all concerned Americans to brush aside the Hunter situation, and focus on the real crimes and treason being committed on a daily basis by the Biden/Obama Cabal. It is those things which portend an eventual end to the greatness of America, if the cancer they represent is allowed to remain in place and continue to spread amongst us.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.


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