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How Did Elon Musk Suddenly Become The "Villain"?

Christopher G. Adamo - Author of "Rules for Defeating Radicals"

Throughout the past few decades, Elon Musk enjoyed great popularity and near universal admiration as a visionary and entrepreneur of extraordinary ability. His most widely known accomplishments, the Tesla electric car and Spacex launch vehicles, have both pushed the boundaries of technology far beyond any competitors, to the general admiration of Americans across the political spectrum.

The Tesla embodies all the most desirable aspects of a "zero emissions" vehicle environmental activists claim to be the salvation of the planet, combined with many amazing "futuristic" features of comfort and operation. The achievements of Musk's Spacex rocket boosters and spacecraft have done no less to amaze and inspire as they push the envelope of astro-technology. The many launches of his space hardware have become celebrated spectacles of surreal beauty, as massive boosters hurtle their cargo into space, to then return and land at the launch site under their own rocket power.

As recently as March, Elon Musk gallantly came to the aid of Ukraine, answering pleas from Ukrainian officials for his "Starlink" terminals, to maintain Internet service across that nation despite its ongoing war with Russia. Reports of the success of this operation have been widespread.

For most people, Musk had represented the best of an engaging personality and ambitious business mind, as he sought to improve life on planet earth for all. But then something drastically changed, not in Musk himself but in the minds of masses, or at least among those who are vulnerable to being programmed by the leftist/globalist "Establishment" that now seeks to totally dominate thought and discourse. He is now the target of relentless attacks from them. And of course that includes their mindless leftie minions, who dutifully regurgitate anti-Musk talking points on social media and every other venue where they have a presence.

From the depths of the D.C. sewer, to Hollywood bubbleheads, to the leftie parakeets of the nightly Fake News, Elon Musk is now declared to be a danger to freedom, justice, and everything decent in America. This indictment is beyond comical, coming as it does from the leftist establishment which is itself the ultimate cauldron of real hostility and attacks against such things. But its track record of anti-American, anti-Christian venom is of no consequence now. Leftists have declared Musk to be an "enemy," and that should be the final word on it.

Elon Musk was never considered to be an ideologue of the right. Yet that is the position he unquestionably holds, to the praise and approbation of many Americans. That part of the Nation which abhors the leftist/globalist agenda, and all of the lies and duplicity on which it has advanced itself, welcomes Musk as a powerful ally.

Per my book "Rules for Defeating Radicals" (Available on Amazon), leftists never actually care about any cause they claim to champion. They merely exploit the plight of others when they can gain politically from doing so. On that basis, all of Musk's previous good deeds on behalf of the environment and his every other worthy effort count for nothing, owing to his disloyalty to the leftist agenda. So they attack and mock relentlessly, in hopes of cowing him into acquiescence. But unlike the insipid career politicians of the day (including far too many "Republicans"), he has shown no sign of backing down.

When all of the madness and theatrics of leftists are stripped away, the real "sin" of which Elon Musk bears "guilt" is that he remains devoted to operating in truth and facts. Such a mindset is at total odds with leftist demands for absolute conformity in word and thought to its agenda of amassing power over the lowly rabble on Main Street. Musk's refusal to bend to such demands put him on a collision course with the leftist/global Establishment long before he made his move on Twitter.

So in the same manner that Donald Trump suddenly faced malicious charges of being a "racist," the moment he determined to run for the Presidency in 2015, and despite never having any such allegation leveled against him prior, Elon Musk abruptly lost any "good will" from leftist political and media voices, the moment they realized they couldn't coerce him into lining up with their corrupt methods and their corrupt agenda.

His current effort to wrest control of Twitter from the pro-Democrat, anti-American cabal that runs it with all the "objectivity" of Soviet era "news" outlets is causing blood vessels to burst throughout leftist circles. And if his $2.8 billion purchase of Twitter stock accomplished nothing else, it would still be a worthy investment on that basis alone. But Musk has made it clear that his intentions go far beyond that. He seeks to restore openness and even-handed treatment for Twitter users, regardless of their moral and political views.

Not surprisingly, such a plan is regarded as the gravest of threats to leftists/globalists across America and throughout the world. Given that their ideology of Marxism was founded entirely on lies, it can only be advanced through lies. And the mere presence of truth in any form presents an insurmountable obstacle. Hence Twitter's efforts to systematically stamp out those accounts who dare present information that runs afoul of leftist orthodoxy.

So while terrorist organizations from antifa to "black lives matter" to various islamists are free to spread their societal poison on Twitter, Christians, Conservatives, and Patriotic Americans including President Trump have been censored and silenced by it on the most spurious and hypocritical grounds. It is no surprise that Musk's efforts to reverse those abhorrent actions are deemed by the left as the ultimate danger. Indeed truth itself is their greatest enemy.

Of course Elon Musk isn't accepting the verdict of his accusers. Nor are the majority of Americans who watched in horror as other principled non-conformists, including President Trump, have been viciously attacked in the same manner. Just as every voice of real conservatism and patriotism has been sanctimoniously castigated by the leftist/globalist "Establishment," they need to silence Musk at all cost, or their game is up. To their dismay, he neither concedes to their accusations, nor softens any of his stances that have spawned such hysterical and overblown backlash. Instead, he counterattacks with deadly precision.

In dire times, great "Warrior" heroes arise from some of the most unexpected places. Elon Musk is currently proving to be just such a man.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals" is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

Chris can be reached at


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