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George Bush pansies poised to exit GOP


Dozens upon dozens of former staffers with George W. Bush’s administration are reportedly leaving the GOP, based on disgust with the party over its failure to hang Donald Trump from the gallows, or, at the very least, publicly wish someone would hang him from the gallows. Or, at the very least, to purge him from the history books and pretend he and his deplorable types never existed.

Yawn. Do tell.

That’s almost as threatening as that time Sen. John McCain shuffled his oafy pretend-GOP self to the front of the cameras in Congress to give a dramatic thumbs-down to Obamacare repeal, in defiance of Trump’s agenda.

Bush people. The kind of people who spark this headline at “Is Being an American and a Globalist at Odds?” The kind of people who then answer that question this way: “This is a false choice. There is no tension between being an ‘American’ and a ‘globalist,’” said Max Boot, with the Council on Foreign Relations, in a “lively exchange” at the George W. Bush Institute that concluded “the two are not mutually exclusive.”

Founding Fathers, intent as they were on independence, might resist that viewpoint.

So, too, common sense.

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