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France's dark role in rounding up Jews: Previously-unseen photos show men boarding a train in Paris

...watched by SS 'Final Solution' chief after thousands were lured to 'routine registrations' then arrested by French officials

  • The 'green ticket round-up' saw Jews in Paris invited for a 'status review' which appeared to be a formality

  • When they arrived, the Jews were immediately arrested and sent away to internment camps in France

  • They were held for as long as a year in the camps before they were sent to Auschwitz where they were killed

  • Photos of the round-up taken by a German soldier on a propaganda mission have been recently discovered

Never-before-seen photos have emerged shining a light on France's role in rounding up Jews to send to Nazi death camps during World War II.

Pictures set to go on display in Paris this week show some of the thousands of men who were tricked into turning up for a routine registration in the capital in May 1941 before they were arrested by French officials and eventually sent to Auschwitz.

Images of the infamous 'green ticket round-up' show couples hugging each other goodbye outside one of the registration halls, unaware they would never see each other again.

This story in has many unseen photos that capture the "green ticket round-up" in Paris, May 14-15, 1941. The photos tell the 2 day story that led to 3747 Jewish men being deported and shipped to camps.

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