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Devil Goes Down to Georgia

Barack Obama went down to Georgia, looking for some votes for Democrats. Looking for some souls to steal.

‘Cause that’s how Democrats do.

Their principles are nonexistent so they rely on deceit to win. With Mr. Obama, the deceit is his flashy smile. He hopes his star-powered presence might make voters fuhgettabout that mentally challenged guy in the White House, the one who only sounds competent when his voice is played alongside John Fetterman’s — and even then it’s a toss-up.

He hopes his star powered presence will boost Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock across the finish line for electoral wins.

He brings a losing record in that regard, however.

As CNN wrote: “Midterm elections were never Barack Obama’s strong suit. During his time in the White House, the campaign seasons of 2010 and 2014 were among the lowest points of his presidency, as Democratic control of first the House and then the Senate washed away in some of the most humbling defeats of his time in office.” Humbling? That’s an understatement. He fueled the Democrats’ loss of 63 seats in the House.

The big hope here for Democrats is voters forget what a loser Mr. Obama was for midterm campaigns.

The bigger hope here for Democrats is voters hate Republicans more than they hate Democrats and the high gas prices that Democrats bring, and that they also forget that Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock represent all they hate about President Biden right now. This is a tall order for Mr. Obama.

After all, it’s really hard to make the pro-Democrat, go-Democrat, vote-Democrat deceptions, distractions and deviations from truth stick when voters go right from the rally to gas stations and eating establishments and reality slaps them awake.

But really, what’s a Democrat to do these days? Mr. Biden can barely hold his own ice cream cone steady, never mind make the trek to Georgia to campaign on behalf of Democrats. So it’s Obama time.

“A lot of people here call him their forever president,” said Democratic Rep. Nikema Williams, who also chairs the Georgia Democrat Party, CNN reported. “We’ve been trying to encourage people to go out and vote early. He can help us drive that message home and drive home what’s at stake, not just for our base, but for younger voters who remember some of the excitement around his election.”

Yes, distract from the present by bringing out a ghost of a past president — a past president who did more for crumbling the Constitution of this country than any other president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. For conservatives, for patriots, for those who care about the state of American freedom, Mr. Obama has always been the wolf in sheep’s clothing — a devil in disguise. He’s the guy who ran roughshod over the Constitution with his pen and cellphone style of dictating and executively ordering. But for Democrats, he’s their best hope.

“Under Obama, Democrats suffer largest loss in power since Eisenhower,” Quorum wrote in a headline, right before Mr. Obama delivered his farewell address.

Good luck with that, Democrats.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at or on Twitter, @ckchumley. Listen to her podcast, “Bold and Blunt,” by clicking HERE. And never miss her column; subscribe to her newsletter and podcast by clicking HERE. Her latest book, “Lockdown: The Socialist Plan To Take Away Your Freedom,” is available by clicking HERE or clicking HERE or CLICKING HERE.

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