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David Horowitz to Newsmax TV: Democrats Will Persecute Christians, Want 'Fascist' State

Famed conservative thinker and author David Horowitz is warning that Democrats are trying to “criminalize” the First Amendment rights of Americans as the nation is in “the initial stages to becoming a fascist state.”

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s "The Count" Saturday night with Tom Basile, Horowitz, a prominent Jewish conservative, warned that Christians are set to see increasing persecution as the Democrats take control of Washington.

Horowitz is the author of the bestselling "Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America." [Note: “Dark Agenda” is at bookstores or check out the FREE Offer – Click Here Now]

Horowitz said the Democratic Party has embraced an anti-Christian agenda that was vigorously implemented by Barack Obama, “the most anti-Christian, most anti-religious president in history.”

"The problem, outside the persecution of any group is bad, is this country was founded on Christian principles," Horowitz noted.

He said “Dark Agenda” explains that the “values we cherish” began with America’s Christian settlers, who themselves were fleeing persecution in Europe for their beliefs.

Horowitz argues this is the key reason the First Amendment enshrined freedom of speech and conscience, as a bulwark to protect religious freedom – and why those freedoms are “under systematic assault by the Democrat party” today.

Horowitz also defended the right of Republicans to question the 2020 election results, and noted Democrats had made similar moves in with the 2000, 2004 and 2016 elections.

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