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Can Leftists Resuscitate Their 2020 Covid Litany of Lies?

Christopher G. Adamo - Author of "Rules for Defeating Radicals"

Listening to all the artificial and overblown "hysteria" over vaccines, new "surges" in Wu-Flu cases, and dire prognostications over the fate of humanity if America doesn't enter into another "lock down," it is glaringly obvious that leftist Democrats are desperate to relive the 2020 "pandemic" glory days. Americans were dubious last year over the clear over-reaches of government, but without knowing the real extent of the threat, they were generally compliant. Predictably, the left severely overplayed its hand, and proved its motives to be entirely political. So a repeat of the fiasco is unlikely.

After the best economy in the history of the country was nearly driven to ruin, and the stage was set for the 2020 Presidential election to be stolen by an inept, corrupt, and highly unpopular leftist cabal, parading the hapless Joe Biden as its sock puppet, virtually every calamitous warning from the "medical" experts has proven to be grossly, if not deliberately, wrong. Mere incompetence cannot explain such a pattern, since its effects were universally beneficial to the political fortunes of the party of discord and chaos.

It is appalling, but very telling, that leftist Democrats believe they can once again shatter the well-being of Americans with their panicked warnings of yet more impending disaster. Ultimately, such leftist Democrat efforts to "cry wolf" in this manner reflect their abject contempt for Americans, whom they regard as fearful and gullible "sheep" to be stampeded in any direction at the whims of key Democrat players.

The latest inanities being spewed from the CDC, the creepy little Dr. Fauci, and their parakeets on the nightly Fake News are too numerous and too disjointed to be properly catalogued. But they bear one common thread. We all need to forfeit our liberties as free citizens, abandon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and just let power hungry leftists have complete and unquestioned control of the country if we are to survive this new wave of plague and death. Rings a bit hollow, doesn't it?

It would take an entire library to catalogue all of the lies, exaggerations, contradictions, and other unwarranted excesses that the left successfully perpetrated on America in 2020. But even a few examples ought to suffice as reminders of just how deceitful and malignant leftists are, the moment they see an opportunity to create havoc and suffering, in their fanatical quest to amass power.

For starters, when President Trump shut down travel to and from China, at the earliest signs of the virus, leftists went crazy with all their reflexive accusations of "bigotry and hate," with Nancy Pelosi grandstanding in Chinatown, claiming public gatherings were perfectly safe. Within a few weeks, she and other leftist squawk boxes were spewing new accusations that the President "ignored the danger" and hadn't acted quickly enough to stop it. On the heels of that, he was ultimately blamed for virtually every death attributed to the virus.

The Wu-Flu circus was underway. Initially, Church closures, business closures, and other lockdowns were ordered with the understanding that it might take two to three weeks before things could return to normal. That turned into two to three months, with leftists longing for it to eventually be two to three years. Nothing but objectivity and "following the science" here.

Then the whole mask lunacy ensued. Here again, early assurances of the total uselessness of masks were suddenly and completely contradicted. Before long, masks of

any type, including those that were obviously porous, were nonetheless a life and death necessity, required in every public venue, and even stipulated in some leftist Democrat jurisdictions for members of the immediate family inside one's own home. Massive studies proving their total uselessness were venomously attacked and dismissed. The visual and emotional impact of an entire population under constant deadly threat was just too invaluable to leftists, and to their plans of thoroughly corrupting the 2020 Presidential Election.

In the midst of all this, some really astonishing results were observed from the use of Hydroxychloroquine, a readily available pharmaceutical, with a decades long track record of safe use. Amazingly, leftists declared open war on the treatment, mocking and deriding it, to the point of preventing its use by threats of legal action. When the dust settles, the needless deaths from its suppression will likely number in the tens or hundreds of thousands in America alone. At the same time, leftist Democrat Governors such as Andrew Cuomo of New York forced diseased patients into nursing homes, where the virus could quickly spread to other aged and vulnerable residents, causing enormous, wholly pointless suffering and death.

In neither case were such abominable decisions an accident. Those responsible for the misinformation and homicidal policy are absolutely guilty. Yet the DOJ has just announced that it sees no reason to pursue any of the blue-state governors who authored such appalling policy. Of course it is the same DOJ that declared Hillary "innocent" of trafficking in classified material on her personal computer. So those "dots" do connect.

While all of the previous insanity is difficult to grasp, it has since been totally eclipsed by "phase 2," which was the whole vaccine scam. In the real world, vaccines cause the human body to generate antibodies, which allow it to thwart any new attempts of the virus to invade. Yet we're now being told that Covid "vaccines" don't accomplish that, or that people who already have the antibodies must still get the vaccine. Furthermore, the totally useless and ineffective masks are being demanded once again, even for those who have had the disease and recovered from it, or have been vaccinated.

The lies and psychosis of the pro-pandemic crowd are mutating faster than any "delta variant," and always for the purpose of convincing Americans that we face imminent misery and death, unless we mindlessly follow the random and incoherent edicts of leftists at every level of government. But this time around, it finally looks like Americans have grown wise to the ruse and are ready to say a resounding "NO!" to all of it. Republican Governors are refusing to lock down, and even within blue state cesspools, city officials and county sheriffs are refusing to enforce lockdown edicts. The scope and intensity of threats and transparent attempts at psychological intimidation for those who refuse to comply with masks, lockdowns, or demands to get the "clot shot" are themselves evidence that a large number of Americans see through all the deception and are not having any of it.

Historically, whenever the alarmism of leftists exceeds rational thought and totally loses credibility, their reflexive reaction is to increase the shrillness and hysteria of their squalling. At that point, they reveal their true insincerity for all to see, and their sham effort collapses. They are currently teetering precariously on that precipice.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals" is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

Chris can be reached at


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