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BUSTED: GOP Communist Infiltrators SABOTAGE 2020 Audit in PA

Stew Peters Show

Arizona got the audit, and Georgia got more attention. But in all likelihood, the shadiest presidential vote last year was in the state of Pennsylvania.

Prior to the actual vote being held, the state Supreme Court ruled that election officials weren’t allowed to reject a vote for having a mismatched signature when signatures were basically the only election “security” practice the state had. They also required the state to accept ballots that arrived after election day, even if they didn’t have a postmark. Using money from Mark Zuckerberg, Pennsylvania set up dozens of unmanned, lightly-secured drop boxes where people could leave mail-in ballots. These drop boxes made it impossible to enforce the law against ballot harvesting; there was no way to tell whether a person was actually dropping off just their vote or ballots for dozens or even hundreds of other people. And by the way, that’s exactly what happened. The GOP monitored the boxes itself and caught people repeatedly dropping off ballots from other people. That’s illegal in Pennsylvania, but when they reported it, nothing happened, and instead, they were targeted by the Democratic attorney general, who claimed that monitoring election security was “voter intimidation.”

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Overall, even though it’s far easier to commit fraud via mail-in ballot than when voting in-person, there was actually a lower standard for voting by mail.

Prior to election day, GOP poll watchers in Philadelphia were deliberately denied information about the layout of the building where ballots would be counted. On election night itself, they were intentionally kept far away from the tables where counting was occurring, so it was impossible for them to stop any fraud. Corrupt Pennsylvania judges wouldn’t allow poll watchers into satellite offices where early voting was taking place, in flagrant violation of state law.

And that’s all without even getting into anything that might have been shady with the voting machines themselves. So, in short, Pennsylvania’s election was a mess, and it was a Democrat-rigged sham regardless of who actually won. Fixing things there has to be the top priority of any Republican in the state. But is that actually happening?

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