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BREAKING: MSNBC Abruptly Severs Ties With Tiffany Cross

MSNBC has abruptly cut ties with weekend host Tiffany Cross, opting not to renew her contract after almost two years, Mediaite has learned.

Cross, whose Saturday show The Cross Connection was a source of controversy for the network, has not commented publicly on the cancellation. Her production team was told of the decision on Friday. They will remain at the network, a source familiar with the matter told Mediaite, as they currently work on MSNBC’s Sunday show in the same slot.

A source familiar with the decision told Mediaite that comments and coverage from Cross did not adhere to MSNBC’s standards. The source said she was repeatedly told this by the network. They added said this has been an ongoing issue, and concerns have been addressed multiple times.

Cross has stirred controversy for outrageous commentary in recent months. She has repeatedly declared civil war has begun, and as recently as Thursday night in an interview with Charlamagne tha God she called the state of Florida “the dick of the country.”

Cross did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Variety was first to report the news on Friday morning and that “a rotating group of anchors will lead her weekend hours until a replacement is found.”

Variety also noted that “the network is parting ways with an anchor who has proven popular with audiences it has sought to attract: Black viewers overall and Black female viewers in particular.”

The Cross Connection would have hit two years on air next month. Her first guest when the show premiered was Democrat “squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who returned on the one-year anniversary with glowing praise.

Although harsh criticism of Republicans and the right is not out of place at the network, Cross took it to a new level during her time on air, frequently courting outrage and even engaging high profile feuds.

In recent months, her comments about White Americans prompted intense criticism from conservative pundits, including Megyn Kelly, who declared her the “most racist person on television”, and Tucker Carlson.

She has also had serious criticisms of Democrats, particularly in the run-up to Tuesday’s midterm vote. She recently confronted DNC Chair Jaime Harrisonover the “largely White and male” Democratic “donor class” and party leadership not directing resources to certain congressional races, and that the party could try to blame Black voters for midterm losses.

The Cross Connection has a loyal following that is vocal on Twitter, especially in light of the news that the show is ending.

This is a breaking story and may be updated.

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