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BREAKING: Biden FINALLY set to deploy 1,500 troops to US-Mexico border amid immigration crisis

The troops would not be involved in law enforcement activities.

The Biden regime is planning to send 1,500 troops to the US-Mexico border in anticipation of a surge of migrants following the lifting of pandemic-era restrictions, according to three administration officials who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

The troops would not be involved in law enforcement activities but would instead focus on administrative tasks to support US Customs and Border Protection agents in the field.

The Covid-19 restrictions had allowed US officials to turn away tens of thousands of migrants who were attempting to cross the southern border.

With those restrictions set to end on May 11, the Biden administration is preparing for a possible surge of migrants and has already implemented major changes to tighten border security.

It is expected that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will approve the official request from the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday. If approved, 1,500 troops will be added to the 2,500 National Guard troops already assisting law enforcement at the border. A Defense Department official, who requested anonymity to speak ahead of an official announcement, confirmed this information.

Biden is seeking reelection to the White House in 2024, and one of his weakest areas has been his handling of the border.

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