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Attacks On Ivermectin And HCQ Are Textbook "Alinsky"

Christopher G. Adamo - Author of "Rules for Defeating Radicals"

Back during the spring of 2020, in the earliest dark days of the Wuhan "pandemic," astute data analysts noticed a significant pattern that might offer hope of stemming the threat posed by the disease. While the virus was rampant and spreading rapidly throughout the world's most advanced cultures, it was not nearly as prolific in the third world, particularly in subtropical and tropical regions where Malaria is widespread. It didn't take them long to establish a strong causal relation between usage of the anti-parasitic drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and a resistance to contracting the virus, as well as rapid, nearly miraculous cures of those who had been infected.

These findings were proclaimed with great expectations of relief and appreciation from the medical community and governing officials who were being daily confronted by massive and increasing deaths, along with the devastation of entire national economies worldwide. To the amazement of every intellectually honest observer, the reaction of those in authority was precisely the opposite, and to a monstrous degree.

In every leftist Democrat dominated jurisdiction across America, authorities were not merely disparaging and dismissive of the effects of HCQ, they were openly venomous and hostile, to the point of actively suppressing its use, and threatening legal action against any medical professional who dared prescribe it. On cue, the leftist Fake News crowd immediately jumped on board, parroting the attacks in a coordinated effort to denigrate any mention of HCQ and the stunning results being reported by doctors worldwide.

Every effort was made to instill fear and mistrust of the drug, despite it being easily and safely used for seven decades with no acute side effects. Meanwhile, leftist Democrat Governors Cuomo of New York, Inslee of Washington and Whitmer of Michigan instituted abhorrent policies that senselessly increased Covid fatalities. Official actions were taken to intensify the spread of the disease, resulting in literally thousands of fully preventable new infections and deaths, with the most worthwhile treatment regimen being forbidden. Clearly, somebody in a powerful position stood to benefit from the "pandemic" crisis, and did not want the upheaval, suffering and death to end.

Amazingly and despicably, it's all happening again! As Real America has grown tired of the excessive and medically worthless masks and lockdowns, people are doing their utmost to return to a sense of normality. New calls for restrictions on personal liberty no longer resonate with Americans. The latest lockdown efforts are ostensibly being ordered as a consequence of the dreaded "Delta Variant" (a supposed mutation of the virus that is as selective in its victims as the Obama/Biden DOJ). And the ultimate onslaught is now the leftist/statist demands that Americans submit themselves and their children to multiple vaccine injections of dubious "effectiveness." But this is all ringing completely hollow. The pro-vax crowd has zero credibility left, given their abysmal track record of alarmism and hypocrisy during the past 20 months.

Moreover, at this crucial impasse, another miracle drug, Ivermectin has surfaced and is showing great promise in treating Covid cases. Much like HCQ, Ivermectin is time tested, widely available, and safe/easy to use. It is also establishing a strong track record of success against the virus. So of course the leftists are once again on the attack!

Predictably, their tactics are textbook Alinsky. Given that the drug is to readily available, and leftists are wary of the "hair-trigger" mood of Americans who have grown thoroughly enraged by their lawless actions of the past year and a half, they aren't as aggressive or directly confrontational in their efforts to ban usage of Ivermectin. Yet they still clearly intend to disparage and suppress it, in the hope that many will remain unaware of its amazing effectiveness.

Once again however, with even a little effort and observance, it becomes apparent that leftists are tipping their hand. Derisive reports of Ivermectin, universally mocking it as "horse medicine" have been far too extensive, immediate, and universal to not be orchestrated and agenda driven. When the entire leftist Fake News world uses the exact same phraseology, it is clear that somebody has delivered them talking points which they parrot mindlessly and dutifully. And of course their premise is as baseless as it is contemptible.

If Ivermectin can be derided as "horse medicine" then so can penicillin and a host of other medications that are well known for their healing powers in humans, but have also been widely administered by veterinarians to treat their feline, canine, and equine patients. And in the case of Ivermectin, its incredible benefits to humanity in fighting infectious diseases resulted in it receiving the Nobel Prize in 2015. It was the first pharmaceutical to be awarded on that basis since 1952! Somehow, this is something the leftist Fake News crowd never mentions.

Instead, in typical leftist propagandist fashion, the Associated Press bogusly reported on August 23 that 70% of calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center involved Ivermectin. When called out on their totally misleading story, the AP recanted. But while some presume this to be a "black eye" for the AP, the ruse ultimately worked. The amount of coverage given to the original alarmist rant vastly eclipses their quiet retraction. And whenever the original hyped and fraudulent "report" shows up on social media, you can be sure those leftie "fact checkers" will somehow entirely overlook it. Mission accomplished.

Add this to the total lunacy and concocted hysteria that now surrounds every aspect of the "pandemic," and the situation just keeps getting more absurd by the day. The vaccinated are ostensibly contracting the disease from the unvaccinated. Meanwhile, the many widespread incidents of severe adverse reactions to the vaccines, including sudden deaths, are making the rounds through every avenue of communication in America except the leftist "mainstream" Fake News.

In light of all this, it has become impossible to trust those who insist we must trust the vaccines. Every conceivable reason is being speculated as to their real purpose, other than halting the spread of the virus, which they clearly are not accomplishing. Statistically, those who got the shot are reaping no benefits of immunity. Whether this is all part of some extremely sinister medical motive, or a dubious scam to institute domestic "passports" to further monitor/control the movement and behavior of citizens, one thing has become inescapably clear. None of what we are witnessing is about public health or safety.

The loudest proponents of blind compliance and submission to the system have destroyed their credibility. If they ever had even the slightest genuine concern for the well-being of their fellow citizens, they would all have been loudly trumpeting the beneficial effects of HCQ and Ivermectin.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals" is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

Chris can be reached at


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