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‘Antifa tried to kill me’: Portland journalist Andy Ngo chased, beaten by mob

Ngo treated for cuts, bruises at emergency room after hiding out in hotel

Journalist Andy Ngo said he was attacked last week for the second time in two years by Antifa activists as he reported on protest violence In Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Ngo said on social media Thursday that “Antifa tried to kill me” in a late-night May 28 confrontation in which he was chased by a mob and beaten by a black-masked assailant before escaping into a hotel as activists pounded on the door and windows outside.

“I was chased, attacked and beaten by a masked mob, baying for my blood,” said Mr. Ngo on Twitter. “Had I not been able to shelter wounded and bleeding inside a hotel while they beat the doors and windows like animals, there is no doubt in my mind I would not be here today.”

He said he hunkered down at the Nines Hotel for about an hour until police arrived and he was escorted through a back door to an ambulance by a Portland Fire and Rescue medic.

Mr. Ngo, who is known for his coverage of Antifa rioting, said he was treated at the emergency room for “multiple injuries to my head and body,” and showed photos of cuts and bruises on his leg, hand and torso, as well as an eye injury.

In a video posted on Twitter by the Alissa Azar account, an activist can be heard swearing and yelling outside the hotel at police, “Say,’ I’m here to protect Andy Ngo!’ Say it!”

“Portland Police Bureau has a long history of protecting fascists and right wing extremists and making up lies,” said the tweet.

Footage posted on YouTube by the Willamette Week newspaper showed activists banging on the hotel windows and an unseen man yelling, “Nazi scum! You see my face, Andy?”

Protesters consider Mr. Ngo “a threat to their safety because he regularly posts their mug shots and personal information to social media following their arrests,” said the newspaper.

Mr. Ngo, author of “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Plan to Destroy America,” was attacked in June 2019 by activists who beat himand threw “milkshakes” and other projectiles at him, suffering a brain hemorrhage that he said his doctors told him could have been fatal.

No arrests have been made in that attack, he said, even though it was captured on video by news outlets.

“I call on the Portland Police and federal authorities to act on this before Antifa operatives hiding behind their masks succeed in murdering an American journalist on their watch,” Mr. Ngo said. “And I call on journalists and all those who believe in the First Amendment to join me in standing against the tyranny of those who use violence to terrorize, silence and suppress the truth.”

The Multnomah (Ore.) County Sheriff’s office made one arrest that night, although it was unrelated to the attack on Mr. Ngo, according to the Willamette Week.

Portland has been besieged for years by protest unrest and related criminal activity, including window-breaking, arson and assaults on police officers.

Mr. Ngo said he disguised himself by covering his face, but that an Antifa activist who had attacked him previously began asking him questions, after which a crowd surrounded him and pulled off his mask.

“As they interrogated me, one managed to pull off my mask and immediately yell, ‘That’s Andy. Get him! Get him!’” Mr. Ngo tweeted.

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