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WATCH: Jewish worshippers pray for Pres. Trump at the Western Wall

In the holiest city for the three monotheistic religions, Rabbis and Jewish worshippers prayed for President Donald Trump’s health amid his battle with COVID-19, as seen in a video posted to Twitter.

President Trump was diagnosed with the virus late last week and has been receiving treatment just outside of Washington at Walter Reed Medical Center since then.

The group recited the Jewish prayers of healing at the Western Wall, where Jews from all over the world come to pray. The site, also known as the “Kotel,” is the only remaining retaining wall that surrounded the First and Second Temples.

The prayer took place during Sukkot, when Jews gather traditionally in the thousands to recite the “Birkat Kohanim,” also known as the “Priestly Blessing.”

“The Birkat Kohanim written in the Torah contains a promise to safeguard from harm and bring peace to Israel. In these hard times, we need that blessing even more,” Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites, said, according to Christian Broadcasting Network.

“Unfortunately, this special event was held this year in a different format, without the participation of thousands of Jews. We upheld the tradition in a limited format while abiding by regulations, connecting the entire Jewish nation from Israel and the diaspora,” Rabinowitz added.

Watch here:

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