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David, The results of the Florida Primary are still coming in and the projected winner of the Florida 21 Republican Primary is . . . me! I’m overwhelmed with thanks for you and the thousands of other patriots who have supported my campaign. Thank you so much!! For much of my life before politics, I was a lone wolf, prowling the streets of New York City and Washington DC, armed with a mobile phone and a selfie stick, pouncing on unsuspecting Democrat senators or hypocritical Hollywood celebrities. I don’t know if you know this, but I am the youngest, Jewish, first-time Republican candidate for Congress in history. When I win this race in November, I’ll be the first female Republican millennial female Congresswoman in Washington. On top of all that, today just so happens to be the one hundredth anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted women in the United States the right to vote. So yes, the victory tonight has momentous meaning to me. I started out on this journey thanks to a battle on social media and on college campuses throughout this nation. This battle has been raging since before President Trump was elected. It is a war between those of us who believe in free expression, the right of every American to share his or her views, whatever they may be, and the forces of far-Left progressivism in the Democrat Party and Silicon Valley who want to win by censoring and intimidating the rest of us into silence. They thought they could silence me by taking away my social media, suffocating my voice and denying me access to essential goods and services. They almost did. But there was something nagging at me, insisting at me. Something in the back of my head was telling me that I had to do something about the threats to free speech in this country. That was my motivation in running for office. Because, if they can do it to me, they can do it to you. And they are doing it to you. They’re even doing it to the President of the United States. We have got to stop them. These people are not going to stop until we beat them back for good, with trench-fighters in Congress who know how fight, and how to win. I am one of those fighters. Because without the First Amendment, none of the other issues matters. The purpose of censorship from the media, Big Tech and all the other Democrat institutions in this country is to restrict the scope of allowable discussion to a tiny battlefield in which only the Left can win. We can’t let them. Free expression is a core American value that underpins our entire civilization. Take it away, and this country will no longer be the America that sent a man into space, or which has produced economic, cultural and technological marvels. Without free speech, there is no America—no shining example of what is possible when aspiration meets ingenuity and indefatigability. It was using their powers of free speech, writing under the pseudonym Publius, that Alexander Hamilton and James Madison argued for the ratification of our Constitution. And it is free speech that has been the engine of progress throughout the western world. Without the ability to hold the powerful to account, corruption and nepotism take hold. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: Is America, the great experiment, over? The forces of darkness would like you to think so. But you and I are going to prove them wrong. I hope you’re ready for the fight. Because I can’t do this without you. My opponent Lois Frankel has spent her entire life in politics. She is a four-decade career politician. But recently, she has performed a cynical hard-left turn, in order to become a mentor to “The Squad.” At the same time, she is bought and paid for by special interests in Washington. The people of this district are no longer represented by Frankel at all, but by Nancy Pelosi and Silicon Valley. Lois Frankel does not work for the American people, nor the voters of District 21. And, as her career winds to a close, my opponent is showing signs of fatigue at just the time we need a renewed sense of energy and purpose. She is absent, at just the moment we need an advocate. She is aloof, as we crave someone who will roll their sleeves up and get to work. She shows moral indifference, when we need someone dedicated and hands-on. Last year, she voted to impeach President Trump on the basis of the most flimsy, preposterous and partisan articles of impeachment ever issued against a President. It was another sign to us that Frankel is a creature of the swamp who has lost sight of her constituents’ needs and priorities. So, a win against Frankel is a win against the Democrat Party nationally. It will hurt them to lose her. From all the way down here in Florida, we have the power to give Congressional Democrats a black eye. As you know, she ran unopposed in 2018. We are not allowing Lazy Lois the same luxury in 2020. We’re taking her on, and we are going to beat her. With that said, I want to tell you this right now . . . I promise and pledge to you here now that I do not work for the Republican Party leadership, the establishment or Washington elitists. Like President Trump, I am not bought or paid for by special interests or party bosses. I’m not one of them. I’m one of you. And I will be your champion. Thank you for placing your trust in me. Thank you for your time, your continued contributions and your boundless enthusiasm. I will not let you down. Thank you again for all that you do. Respectfully, Laura Loomer

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