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Israel in talks to fly over Saudi Arabia to get to UAE-Who's next? Lebanon-Barhain-SA?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/GPO Amos Ben Gershom

The peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel brokered by the Trump administration reached last week is just the start as many Gulf countries hint at following suit.

With the reopening of tourism ties between Israel and the UAE, Saudi Arabia could be granting Israel use of its airspace in having direct flights from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is in talks with the Kingdom on Monday.

“We are currently working on direct flights over Saudi Arabia between Tel Aviv, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it would be a short flight of three hours,” he said, according to YNetNews.

He added of the new relationship between the Jewish State and the UAE, “It means a huge amount of investment and tourism for both sides. The United Arab Emirates is very interested in massively investing in technology in Israel.”

Along with tourism, Israel and the UAE have opened phone lines between the two countries.

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