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Ilhan Omar Gets Dumped As She Loses Support From Her Hometown Newspaper

She Took No Responsibility, Newspaper Argues

The newspaper concluded that because Omar took “little responsibility for her rocky start,” and decided to blame her critics rather than inwardly reflect, they had to endorse her opponent.

“Melton-Meaux is the descendant of American emancipated slaves. His mother grew up picking cotton, and his father used service in Vietnam and the GI bill to put himself through college and lift his family into the middle class,” they argued. “Melton-Meaux fully grasps the needs of the diverse constituency he hopes to represent, and, if given a chance, is the kind of leader who could unite a fractured district.”

Hopefully A Wider Trend So She Is Kicked Out!

The “missteps” and “issues” the newspaper mentions are, of course, numerous. In the 2020 election cycle so far, Omar’s husband’s firm received more than $1 million in payments. Omar has also been consistently, radically, anti-American, claiming that the left must begin the “dismantling” of the American political system. These are merely two of her recent problems!

Let’s hope that the newspaper reflects a wider sentiment within Omar’s community!

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