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Oregon AG Demands Restraining Order Against Feds Deployed In Portland

Lawyers representing Oregon asked a federal judge Wednesday to issue a restraining order against federal agents who had been sent into Portland to quell violent protests.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum accused federal agents of arresting protesters without probable cause in the lawsuit filed Friday, according to The Associated Press. The lawyers representing Oregon relied on videos posted on social media, which they say show people being detained and taken by unidentified agents, Oregon Live reported.

“That is terrifying. It’s terrifying for the people who are being marched into an unknown van by large, unknown men. And it’s going to terrify who witnesses it and everyone who hears about it,” said Sheila H. Potter, chief deputy trial counsel in Rosenblum’s office, during her argument, according to Oregon Live.

She added: “It was designed to terrify to quell protests.” (RELATED: Portland Mayor Tear Gassed During Protests, Says ‘Nothing’ Provoked Officers)

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