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WH Press Sec. Slams Dem Governors, Mayors After Spike In Violence Over The Weekend

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed Democratic leaders in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, and Seattle over the weekend’s record violence, during Monday’s press briefing. Watch below:

“This past Father’s Day weekend, we saw violence across the country, but we saw scant media coverage of this violence,” McEnany said. “Let’s be clear here: These states are responsible for policing their streets, the governors, the mayors are responsible for ensuring that our streets are safe, that the American people are protected. And what we have seen is in far too many Democrat-run states and Democrat-run cities, we have seen violence and chaos and nothing like the law and order that we saw here in D.C. when President Trump stepped in and surged the National Guard.”

In Chicago, the weekend saw its highest number of shootings this year, with 102 people shot, 14 of them fatally, as reported. In Minneapolis, there were 11 people shot and 1 killed. In New York City, Saturday saw one shooting per hour with 24 people shot in the single day, according to The New York Post. In Seattle, the autonomous zone created by anarchist groups in the area, known as ‘CHAZ’ or ‘CHOP,’ two people were shot, one fatally.

“It is the responsibility of governors to protect their states, to police their streets. The police power rests at the state level. And we expect mayors to step up and to do their job. And for governors to step up and do their job in the mold of President Trump, who secured D.C. after a night of lawlessness two weeks ago,” McEnany said.

Concluding her remarks on the spike in violence, McEnany called ‘the defund the police movement’ “misguided,” adding that “it will only hurt the vulnerable citizens of American cities the most. It’s sad and it is shameful.”

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