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Does retired Police Captain David Dorn life mattered? Suspect Arrested and Charged

St. Louis police arrested a man Sunday in connection with the killing of a retired police captain who was trying to stop the looting of his friend’s store during protests last week.

24-year-old Stephen Cannon was charged with murder of retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, who was gunned down while attempting to stop looters at a pawn shop 5 days ago.

The fatal shooting was captured on live video on Facebook, but has been taken down. The video showed David Dorn, 77, sprawled out on the sidewalk bleeding as looters continued to go into and out of the store he was trying to protect.

CNN and other media have failed to mention David Dorn by name on air and in their digital coverage when the news broke. As if David Dorn’s life didn’t matter.

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