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Limbaugh: Rioters are paid, and they are laying in wait

The riots that have rocked cities across America in the wake of the police-related death of George Floyd are planned and paid for in advance, and can be linked to the Democratic Party, says talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh.

"None of this is random," Limbaugh said Tuesday on his national broadcast.

"None of this is something [that just] happens and these people see it and they get mad and take to the streets. They are waiting. They are programmed. They are waiting for the call to action. It's not that George Floyd was murdered; it's that somebody was at the hands of a cop, and that's the go signal.

"They are paid, and they are laying in wait. They're in homes, wherever they are, wherever they're holed up, and they're given the go signal, and this stuff is then, with the aid of the media, it's made to look spontaneous. That's key. It's made to look like these people were happy and fine and minding their own business until America became America again one day, when in fact this stuff is in the playbook, it is organized, it is programmed, it is paid for, and it's very mobile."

As the U.S. has said it's looking to designate Antifa, the group believed by many to be responsible for the protests and riots, as domestic terrorists, Limbaugh explained the so-called "anti-fascists" fomenting the violence are radical leftists who have been known by various names in recent years.

"Antifa is simply a new name for all of these left-wing, Democrat Party-aligned and sponsored protest groups going back to the sixties," he said.

"You had the Weathermen ... the SDS, Students for Democrat Society. I can't even think of all the names. Antifa is Occupy Wall Street. It's Black Lives Matter. They're all the same people and thinking under different names. They have different organizations for the purposes of fundraising.

"Membership is actively recruited. But it is the Democrat Party. They are the Democrat Party. What you see on the streets of New York and all these other blue states, this is – what's the term, the outgrowth? This is what you get. This is the Democrat Party. This is what they sponsor. This is what they inspire. This is what their policies lead to. Democrat Party policies are conceived and created in rage and anger."

Limbaugh admitted he got a couple of emails from readers asking if he wanted to "walk back" his assertion that the riots were tied to the Democratic Party.

"I don't want to walk that back," he stressed. "Is there or is there not a political party that sees political advantage in riots, looting, and arson? There is. Is there or is there not a political party that sees political opportunity in 40 million Americans out of work? Yes! It's not even arguable.

"Is there or is there not a political party that implemented policies that ended up killing tens of thousands of elderly people in nursing homes? Yes! Yes! It's the Democrat Party. It's in New York. It's in the State of Washington.

"Is there or is there not a political party which continues to seek a benefit from an economic shutdown in a number of blue states? Yes! The answer to every question I've asked is 'yes,' and the particular party we're talking about is the Democrat Party. Is there or is there not a political party that used America's law enforcement and intelligence agencies to spy on and attempt to overturn the election of Donald Trump? Yes! It's inarguable. There is so much going on now that it is easy to get lost in what's on television and what's all over social media.

"But if you try, if you step back, you will see what is critical in this country: You must reject the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is the reason for the angst; the reason for the nervousness, the fear, the anger, trepidation. All of this can be traced to the Democrat Party and a famously uttered philosophy of theirs: A crisis is a terrible thing to waste."

As WND reported Monday, police in Kansas City said officers found bricks and rocks staged near protest sites around the city, stoking concerns that individuals or groups had pre-planned looting and destruction that hit the city over the weekend.

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