PASSING THE BUCK: New Orleans Mayor Blames TRUMP for Not Canceling Mardi Gras During Virus Outbreak

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell deflected the growing criticism over her decision to conduct her city’s annual Mardi Gras celebration on CNN this week; blaming the federal government for failing to disclose the dangers of the Coronavirus.

“All the reports are that within a week or two after Mardi Gras, all these cases started emerging in Louisiana… Back in February, the CDC said we should be prepared for this new virus… But you’re saying no one in the federal government urged you to postpone Mardi Gras?” asked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“That’s absolutely correct. Not only that, it was backed up with the response from our national leader. When it’s not taken seriously at the federal level, it’s very difficult to transcend down to the local level in making these decision,” said Mayor Cantrell.

Watch Mayor Cantrell’s comments above.

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