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Venezuelan Socialist President Nicolás Maduro Endorses Bernie Sanders

You can't make this stuff up. You just can't.

Nicolás Maduro, socialist president of the failed state of Venezuela, a nation which recently introduced a five-day weekend in order to deal with energy shortages, endorsed Vermont senator and self-proclaimed "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders for U.S. president on Tuesday. Oh, and Maduro added that Sanders would win if the vote were "free."

"Bernie Sanders, our revolutionary friend, ought to win in the United States," Maduro said in a long televised broadcast. Nay, the socialist president went one step further -- "if the elections were free ... Bernie Sanders would be president of the United States." Um, the election isn't until November...

Sanders has been mathematically eliminated from winning the Democratic nomination for president, but he is fighting on until the convention in July. If Sanders wins California next week, he will continue to argue that the Democratic Party's superdelegates should only vote for the winner of their states -- an argument that would void their overwhelming allegiance to Hillary Clinton. This is unlikely to fly, but the whole episode should make for some great television.

Maduro, who looks at former president Hugo Chavez as a mentor, might be surprised to hear Bernie doesn't share the same opinion. In an email to supporters in September, the Vermont senator called Chavez a "dead communist dictator."

Sanders calls for a "Revolution," but Venezuela already had its revolution. After a succession of corrupt and incompetent governments, the people turned to a Marxist named Hugo Chavez. Rather than turning around the corruption, it supercharged it, and ran inflation through the roof.

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