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Rep. Tlaib Pictured Wearing T-Shirt that Wipes Israel Off the Map

Yes, but don't call her an anti-Semite.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib hasn't had to deny her virulent anti-Semitism lately, so it's no surprise that she wants to stir the pot a little.

Tlaib was recently pictured holding a copy of a book by Linda Sarsour, another notorious anti-Semite, wearing a t-shirt depicting the "state of Palestine" where Israel is currently located.

Washington Free Beacon:

Tlaib, one of Congress's leading critics of Israel, was pictured in the t-shirt while promoting a recently published book by Linda Sarsour, another outspoken critic of the Jewish state who serves as a surrogate for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

The shirt portrays present-day Israel as a Palestinian state. Shirts of this nature have been a mainstay of pro-Palestinian activists who reject a two-state solution and argue that the world's only Jewish state should not exist.

"Stand in solidarity with Palestine by wearing this beautiful Palestinian tee-shirt," reads one online advertisement for the shirt worn by Tlaib. "An outlined map of Palestine is filled with red, white, and green Arabic letters that look stunning from a distance and spell the word Palestine up close. A patterned shemagh wraps around the neck of the Palestinian state like the brave soldiers whose boots stand on the dusty ground."

She doesn't have to comment. She has made her feelings very well known.

Tlaib, and other members of The Squad like Ilham Omar, vigorously deny they are anti-Semites and are always profuse in their "apologies" when some idiocy they've spoken is "taken out of context" or "caused inadvertent pain" to someone.

In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Tlaib has spread the blood libel that Israel was responsible for the death of a Palestinian child, despite evidence that the youngster drowned in a well. She is one of only two members of Congress who supports the boycott, divest, and sanctions movement. She, Omar, and other squad members are pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable criticism of Israel in Congress.

The Democratic Party failed to condemn anti-Semitism, and that failure sent a message which Omar and Tlaib heard quite clearly. They were given a free pass to traffic in and promote anti-Semitism.

They’re not afraid to cash it in. Tlaib’s amplification of a blood libel over the weekend and her refusal to apologize for it shows that the congresswoman and her "Squad" of far-Left colleagues are determined to keep testing the boundaries of how far they'll be allowed to go, how plainly they will be able to display their anti-Semitism.

This type of blatant, nauseating anti-Semitism hasn't been seen since the 1930s when Nazism stalked the land. That it's being uttered now says more about the modern Democratic Party than it does individual haters like Omar and Tlaib.

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