Chris Murphy Met with Top Iranian Days Before Outbreak, Now People Want Him Quarantined

An outbreak of coronavirus sweeping senior Iranian leadership has some in the United States worried about rogue Democratic politicians who met with the regime in secret.

Now, calls for quarantine are ringing out as the virus takes a deadly toll on the Islamic republic.

The virus’ presence in Iran was first discovered after two men died on Feb. 18 from the disease, which was previously unknown in the country.

More cases were soon discovered, and now Iran is fighting to contain the outbreak while under crippling economic sanctions. With the virus’ long incubation time, it’s unknown how long the pathogen has been spreading in the country.

Coronavirus’ reach in the Islamic republic stretches to all strata and classes, with even an adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dying from the virus’ effects.

More senior leaders, including a vice president and a top cleric, have been infected by the disease.

Thankfully, the United States’ cold relations with the country prevent any major threats of transmission. For rogue Democrats who meet with regime officials in secret, it’s a different story.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy infamously met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif just days before the outbreak swept Iran, and it’s unclear if any other Democrats hosted closed-door meetings with regime officials in the same time frame.

Murphy isn’t alone in meeting with the rogue state — other Democrats have been caught talking with Iranian officials.

Although Murphy had a seemingly low chance of contracting the disease in his meeting, calls are now ringing out to quarantine the politician.

Murphy may not be the only one to quarantine — after weeks of schmoozing with fellow politicians in the nation’s capital, the entirety of Washington, D.C. would be at risk if Murphy were indeed infected.

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With how readily this virus spreads, that means that even President Donald Trump and many of his advisers would be at risk of the disease.

Thankfully, it looks like Murphy was a little too early to meet with an infected official. Had he waited a few weeks before going behind his nation’s back, this might not have been the case.

Although Democrats make it a point to critique Trump’s coronavirus response, the low number of infected in America is a testament to his administration’s tireless work.

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