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After Squad Member Ilhan Omar Defends Iran – She Pledges To Help Them Stop President Trump

Unlike Obama, President Trump is taking strong actions against our enemies. He struck back after Iran threatened our people and our allies in the Middle East.

How has the left responded? Did they thank him for preventing another Benghazi? Were they encouraged that a top Iranian leader is gone?

Nope! They actually seemed upset that American lives were spared! In fact, Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar is taking it even further. She made a wild claim about why Trump is defending our people.

And has made one sick promise.

From Washington Examiner:

Rep. Ilhan Omar accused President Trump of trying to create a “distraction” by killing Gen. Qassem Soleimani in an attempt to ignite a war with Iran…

“Real question is, will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? I know I will.”

Wow. Omar accused Trump of trying to create a distraction. She even said she’d use her “congressional authority” to stop Trump.

Um, excuse, Omar. Are you upset that a top military leader, who wanted America destroyed is dead? Do you really want Iran terrorizing countries around the world?

You are an American, right? You came to this land because of its prosperity and freedom?

You’re not friends with Iran—so why act like you are?

President Trump has no intention of starting a “war,” as you claim. He is responding in a way you’re party was too cowardly to do in the past. He is protecting American lives and our allies.

President Trump is responding after Iran started trouble. And what do you think you could do to stop him, freshman congresswoman?

The president has the power to launch limited strikes in the interest of our safety.

Do you really want to interfere with his ability to exercise his power?

Of course, you do. You supported a bogus impeachment scheme to undo the 2016 Election! I know of at least one

person in Washington that needs to be stopped. And it’s not Trump.

SHARE if you think Omar should not be representing America!

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