HUGE SCANDAL! IG FISA Report Reveals Obama Administration FALSELY Claimed Russia Bribed Trump Campai

The DNI and the FBI leadership team under Obama created false and fraudulent information in order to legitimize their spying on US Presidential Candidate, President-elect and President Trump. It was all a fraudulent hoax.

As we start digging into the details of the FISA report we are finding numerous instances where the DOJ and FBI committed crimes in their dealings with the FISA Court. Many examples are included in an Appendix to the report.

To put things into context, the government has a duty to provide the truth in reporting to the FISA Court. FISC Rules demand that information to the Court include material facts and corrections be made to the Court in instances of “misstatement or omission of material facts” –

The FISA Report shows that the Deep State players from the Obama Administration fraudulently lied to the FISA Court and never corrected their lies as is mandated by the law!

The DNI claimed in the first Carter Page FISA application which was used to spy on President Trump that there was an exchange of money to candidates but provided no proof –

The DNI also commented in this application that this money influenced the candidates but no proof was provided –

In renewal two more of the same – no proof to a material statement –

In renewal three of the Carter Page FISA application more of the same – the claim by the DNI that there was money that exchanged hands but no proof or evidence months later – outrageous –

The FISA warrant also makes this claim but contains no evidence to support it – that Steele was a source and they had no evidence that his information was false (what a lie they all knew it was!) –

Clearly there was no effort to validate data and provide support for key components of the Carter Page FISA application to spy on President Trump –

Outrageous! Obama created a culture of corruption.

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