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VIDEO: President Trump Applauds Mark Levin After Watching Him Tear Into Ed Henry On Ukraine!

This morning Mark Levin took on Ed Henry about the spectacle over Ukraine, and he took him apart so badly that even Trump had to applaud:

Fox News hasn’t released the video, but here’s a bootleg version until they do:

Ed Henry begins by saying that Levin is focusing on bashing Nancy Pelosi instead of looking at the issue, then asks him to focus on what Trump actually said on the transcript.

Levin challenges him by asking why the media doesn’t care about the identity of the whistleblower, Henry denies it. He then goes on to make the argument against Democrats and Nancy Pelosi.

Henry then asks him if the phone call was illegal. Levin counters by saying that no one has been able to cite a law that the president broke. He then goes on to ask if Hunter Biden is above the law.

Henry then asks him if he’s ok with Trump asking the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt on Biden. And that’s when Levin really takes him to task.

It’s a pretty good debate. Henry challenges Levin to really answer some tough questions, and he does. That’s how we hash out these issues. I prefer both sides of the issue being forced to debate openly.

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