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Trump has got his U.N. priorities straight


President Donald Trump has decided that instead of sitting through yet another — yawn — climate change meeting at the United Nations, he’s going to discuss something that really matters, that’s truly important, that’s actually crucial to the world at-large: religious freedom.

And all the leftists go gasp. Shock. Outrage.

“Trump to snub climate summit for religious freedom meeting at U.N.,” is how one headline from The Guardian put it.

But you go, Trump.

This is what matters — not weather changes.

Eighty percent of the world lives under some form of religious persecution or oppression, said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Center, on “Fox & Friends.”

America is lucky; we have God-given rights to worship as we see fit, as enshrined in the First Amendment.

But other nations don’t see it that way.

According to 2019 statistics from Open Doors USA, the level of persecution those of faith have experienced around the world rose from 215 million to 245 million — by 14% — in the last year. One of nine Christians “experience high levels of persecution worldwide,” the organization wrote. And among those persecuted, 4,136 Christians were killed simply because of their belief in Jesus — that’s 11 killed every day — and 1,266 churches or Christian buildings were attacked.

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church said this, on “Fox & Friends”: “It’s a remarkable thing this president would skip a U.N. climate change summit, an imaginary problem, to address a real one,” religious persecution.

Remarkable and bold.

This is why Trump won, and continues to win, with the media-dubbed evangelicals, by the way. ‘Cause he doesn’t worship trees.

So let the U.N. pinheads have their climate alarmism. Let the media fawners who do the pinheads’ bidding have their climate hysteria.

This administration has made clear it’s not following the path of false worship — it’s not going to treat environmentalism as a religion.

Trump’s priorities at the United Nations couldn’t be more on point.

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