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Ilhan Omar Walks Out Of 9/11 Memorial Service

Ilhan Omar apparently doesn’t feel that the thousands of victims of terrorism on 9/11 are worth her time to remember.

That is what we can assume after she was seen to abruptly get up and leave from a planned “Celebration of Life” memorial for the dead that took place in Washington today.

Witnesses to her departure could barely even express their shock and outrage:

“How dare she!”

“This is proof that she hates America!”

“It made me cry even more knowing that she is supposed to be standing up for America but doesn’t even care about us.”

Omar’s staff went quickly into damage control for this was surely political suicide:

“Mrs Omar has had an extremely busy schedule and has been quite fatigued as a result. Removing herself from the service was done so that she could remain respectful by not falling asleep while it went on.

She regrets any misunderstanding, confusion, or anger that may have occurred as a result of her performance and wishes to let America know that she both condemns the terrorists of 9/11 and feels the loss of those who died.

As I am sure all of you are concerned for her well being, let me assure you that Representative Omar is doing better. She is currently sleeping peacefully in her hotel room. Her morning prayers will be directed at victims of terrorism worldwide. And at Mecca.”

That’s why she turned her back on dead Americans and their surviving families? That’s why she felt no need to honor our dead? Because she was tired? Because she needed a nap? This is completely despicable and thoroughly heartless. This women has no business being in congress. She must be voted out in 2020. Wake up Minnesota!

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