Rashida Tlaib political revolution is treason masked as justice


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Michigan’s far left of left Democratic congresswoman, called for a complete transformation of America’s government — a “political revolution” and “economic” overhaul to change the capitalistic system and, as she framed it, to put the people, not the corporations, back in power.

This is not simply a difference of political differences; a Democrat view versus a Republican view. This is treasonous. It’s treason wrapped in a social justice ribbon.

Tlaib is a member of the U.S. Congress, bound by oath of office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Yet this is what she put on Twitter, as noted by Breitbart: “We have to make the tough, courageous changes that completely transform a political and economic system that is now built for corporations (and profits), not people.

Choosing the status quo means doing nothing and giving up. We need a political revolution.”


We don’t.

What we need are duly elected politicians who swear to support and defend the Constitution to actually support and defend the Constitution.

Leftists, masquerading as Democrats, cloaking their destructive political designs as calls for social justice and equality for all, are stealthily upsetting the Constitution and tearing at the fabric of America’s government — from the inside. And their rhetoric is becoming bolder.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, in June, called for a”political revolution” as well, explaining just how his particular brand of socialism should sell in America.

“We need a new vision for America, which I call democratic socialism, which says that economic rights are human rights,” Sanders said then, Newsweek reported. “That everybody in this country, because they’re in America, is entitled to health care as a right, is entitled to a decent paying job as a right, is entitled to a dignified retirement as a right, is entitled to a clean environment as a right, and is entitled to all of the education they need to accomplish their life goals.”

Fine and dandy. Sounds like heaven on earth. Except when the bills come due.

Sanders is selling a false narrative because when he talks about the rights of health care, the rights of education and so forth, he neglects to clarify that the Constitution already secures those very rights — absent the tax-paid part.

Citizens in America, based on the fact they’re born Americans, and therefore are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights, are already bestowed the rights of pursuits of education, jobs, homes and so forth.

Sanders, the left — Tlaib — would like to change that system so it guarantees citizens the tax-paid funding to pursue these goals.

That’s the treasonous part.

America is not a socialist country where the government steals money from one to give to another.

America is a country of set rules and limited government, where citizens are free to pursue their goals and dreams and hopes and aspirations — but only insofar as their goals and dreams and hopes and aspirations don’t demand others pay their way.

“This is not utopian,” Sanders said in June of his socialist vision for America. “This is what we can accomplish and which already exists in a number of other countries.”

And that right there is the skinny: America is not like other countries.

Nor should America ever be like other countries.

And politicians who call for America to toss aside its Constitution, rip up its republic and instead go socialist — who call for complete economic and political overhaul and “revolution” — don’t deserve to serve in public office.

They don’t deserve to represent the people; they don’t deserve paychecks from the American people.

They are treasonous in their thinking, treasonous in their political rhetoric, treasonous in their pressings and have no business feigning service to the Constitution or country.

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