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Donald Trump interview 1980 - Rona Barrett

We are posting this 4 minute interview excerpt of a 34-year-old Donald Trump from October 6th, 1980, not for positive or negative political reasons but rather from an historical standpoint. We are in the business of licensing footage and that’s why our web site is across the screen (to protect it from being used without our permission) . We realize that Donald Trump’s presidency causes very strong emotions (both pro and con) but we are not in any way sharing this to take a side. We very much appreciate history and this is a fascinating interview considering that when our client Rona Barrett asked him these questions in 1980 he seemed to have no political aspirations, and now here in 2017, he’s days away from becoming President. Rona had not planned on asking him these political questions as she was there to interview him for a TV special on millionaires, but only a few minutes of the 47 minutes filmed ever aired, but nothing concerning politics.

We posted this interview for what it is, an historical document. We’re hoping (but realize it’s a long shot) that people will show restraint and keep the comments civil. We as archivists appreciate footage and the story it can tell about a moment in time. Over the last few decades, we’ve dedicated so much time, money and resources to build a company that locates, preserves and makes available for licensing, lost archival footage whether it be music performances or interviews with important figures in Film and Television, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion, Sports and in the case of this unique interview with Donald Trump, politics.

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