Remember that civilian national security force Obama fantasized about?

On July 2, 2008, then presidential candidate, Barack Obama said, "We cannot rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We gotta have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

Liberals whined that Obama was being taken out of context. It was a stunning statement, seemingly coming out of nowhere but it was crystal clear to me. During his presidency Barack Obama has commented on a plethora of ginned-up police brutality episodes, thus expressing his dislike for our current "…civilian force…" AKA the police.

Baltimore, the latest entry in the hood burn-and-loot-tours was based on habitual drug-dealer, Freddy Gray's tragic demise while in the custody of the Baltimore police. Just like Ferguson, the cops were told by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Chief Anthony Batts to stand down in order to give rioters time to express themselves.

The resulting 200 businesses destroyed, with owners and employees alike thrown to the curb, cut away at our common sense. Why the hell would a Mayor stand-by and watch her city destroyed when it could have been easily prevented? Because the mayor refused to let police wear protective apparatus over 100 were injured by the brick-and-rock-throwing throngs of Baltimore's angry citizenry.

This became just the first of the cops' punishments at the hands of this mayor.

Next, Mayor Rawlings-Blake called for an investigation of her own police department by the feds. Most mayors would be embarrassed into doing their own dirty laundry.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake has no shame.

This comes days after State Attorney Marilyn Mosby pressed multiple charges, including murder against six Baltimore cops. Seems Ms. Mosby is a speed reader because she based her conclusions to destroy the lives of six commendable (to that point) officers on a police investigation report with its ink still wet. The fraudulent claim by liberals is that under this president police brutality toward blacks has sky rocketed.

The narrative in the Baltimore situation is made complex by the fact that this four- decade-run liberal city is currently under black leadership. Mayor, prosecutor, city council, police chief and one half of the force are black. Out of the six cops arrested, three are black.

The murder charge was made against the black cop who drove the van.

I believe what's really going on is another excuse for Obama's "…civilian national security force…" creation.

Here's more evidence:

  • In February of 2013, Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam told an audience of 7,000 that black street gangs should be armed to protect hood.

  • We saw Crips, Bloods and New Black Panthers come together in Baltimore, first with sentiments to kill cops anywhere in the country, then to be the peacemakers during the riots. Here's how they made peace. Gangbangers herded looters away from black-owned businesses to Asian and Latino owned establishments. Hey, traffic directing will be important in Obama's upcoming force!

  • I doubt Obama would have any trouble at all recruiting thousands of South and Central Americans into his "security force." He enticed them to come to this country, illegally. They owe him and the Democrats big time. They'll sign up in a flash on threat of deportation. Think there were any jihadis tucked away in the hordes of illegals?

With race riots accumulating like victories for Mayweather, we're beginning to see the chickens of Barack's statements coming home to roost. There is a crystal clear talking point coming from all of the ginned up racial uprisings from Peoria to San Jose to Detroit to Chicago's South Side to Dr. Louis Gates to Treyvon to Ferguson to NYC and Baltimore.

The truth is we are being governed by a group of people who represent the takers and the haters of America. They are responsible for nothing, because they believe those who tell them they've been left out of the game. Only about 20-30% of blacks realized that the American Dream is real and possible. Examples abound from Obama to Holder to Lynch to Farrakhan to Sharpton and to Jackson.

The irony is that all of the people mentioned above have made it beyond what any white, Asian, Latino or Native Americans wildest imagination.

They have to find a new name for Barack's force though.

Brown shirts and the SS have already been taken.

The way things are going, Obama may settle on ISIS.

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