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Dems did not have a problem with Betsy Ross flag displayed at Obama inauguration

Nike has deservedly taken a lot of heat for its decision to allow Colin Kaepernick to dictate corporate decisions.

The apparel company pulled a planned sneaker release featuring a Betsy Ross flag after the national anthem-protesting former NFL quarterback complained, setting off a new wave of debate over America’s historical symbols ahead of the Fourth of July.

The Air Max 1 USA set to be released by Nike to celebrate the nation’s birthday was pulled from production because Kaepernick found the image of an early version of the American flag offensive.

Nike has reportedly pulled a sneaker from production that was meant to celebrate the Fourth of July after a complaint from former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick over the shoe’s...

But it was not so long ago that the flag design, used during the American Revolution and featuring 13 stars in a circle representing the original 13 colonies, was honored as an important part of the heritage of America. And as the U.S. political editor at noted, it was not too far in the distant past that the same flag flew over former President Obama’s second inauguration.

“That Betsy Ross flag sure fell out of fashion quickly,” David Martosko tweeted Wednesday, along with a photo of the flag hanging beside other versions during the 2013 ceremony.

Twitter users continued to slam Nike for its decision and called out how far things have gone from a few short years ago.

Betsy Ross flag is the history of our country, the thirteen original colonies. When Kapernak starts calling that flag racist it's a step toward calling our present day flag racist . Statues, school nsmes, streets, holidays, everything's got to go. I think Nike's got to go. Bye

Donald Trump Jr. slammed the company with a scathing tweet on Wednesday, suggesting that if the Betsy Ross design was “too offensive” for Nike, they should opt for a shoe sporting the hammer-and-sickle image similar to that of the former Soviet Union.

If the Betsy Ross Flag, the flag of the American Revolution, is too offensive for Nike to commemorate The 4th of July maybe Nike should go with this... seems to be more in line with their views.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey made it clear his state would not be offering Nike any financial incentives to do business there as it had bowed “to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism.” But California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom welcomed Nike with open arms.

The company was surprisingly slammed by MSNBC “Morning Joe” anchor Joe Scarborough on Tuesday warning that Democrats’ “reflexive wokeness” would benefit President Trump in the long run.

“The Betsy Ross flag is now a symbol of White Nationalism and slavery? Not defiance against a distant monarchy?” the former GOP congressman asked. “Really, Nike?”

In a series of tweets, Scarborough slammed Democrats who had no problem flying the Betsy Ross flag at their beloved Obama’s swearing-in ceremony, urging them to “refrain from blowing themselves up politically.”

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