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WOW! Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg BRAGS About Blocking Pro-Life Ads In Irish Elections (VIDEO)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Wednesday.

Zuckerberg spoke about what Facebook is doing to regulate content and advertising on its platform.

Facebook has been shutting down traffic to conservative websites and banning conservatives since the 2016 election.

Conservatives dominated social media in 2016 where they were able to get the truth uncensored. Facebook ended that in 2017 and 2018.

Facebook eliminated over 1.5 billion page-views to conservative websites from Facebook in one year from 2017 to 2018.

The fact that Facebook is targeting conservative publishers should not be a surprise to Gateway Pundit readers.

We have been reporting on this for several months now.

This influence map below by Columbia Journalism Review shows the top influencers during the 2016 election.

And here is that same map showing the conservative publishers who have been targeted by Facebook since 2017.

Facebook has eliminated content from a vast majority of top conservative publishers since 2017 including this one.

In February James O”Keefe and Project Veritas published proof from a whistle-blowerthat Facebook plotted and planned to remove conservative content from their platform.

And on and on it goes. Republicans are too weak to do anything and Americans are quickly losing their right to free speech.

On Wednesday Mark Zuckerberg bragged about banning pro-life ads from American companies during the Irish elections.

The company decided it would be the best thing to do.

Facebook is playing favorites, not just in America, but globally.

This should concern EVERY American.

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