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Trump reelection campaign kicks off in the name of Jesus Christ


Paula White, dubbed in 2016 as Donald Trump’s “personal pastor,” kicked off the president’s reelection campaign in Florida with an opening prayer that referenced the “demonic networks” that have aligned to destroy this White House.

She wasn’t just talking about CNN. LOL.

But the key takeaway from her prayer was this: White said “Jesus.”

And in this day and age, where bland public prayers are OK, but calling out the name of Jesus is cause for lawsuit, White’s refusal to stand down on her faith is really rather remarkable.

“Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus,” White said, The Hill reported.

Try that at a local government meeting — the “in the name of Jesus” part — and watch the fireworks fall.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, one of the left’s attack dogs against Christianity in the public square, writes this in its “State/Church FAQ” online section: “It is inappropriate for public officials — many of whom have tax-paid positions and all of whom take an oath to uphold secular constitutions — to schedule prayer at government functions, or open government meetings with prayer and religious ritual.”

The FFRF then goes on to advise that despite the fact the Supreme Court has found otherwise — has, in the minds of the atheist group, “issued two unhelpful decisions about prayer at legislative meetings” — those who hate God can “still complain when you encounter government prayer.”

Well, to be fair, the FFRF didn’t exactly direct its advisement toward “those who hate God.” That’s simply implied.

But the FFRF isn’t the only one out there waiting to pounce for the crime of mentioning Jesus in public. The American Civil Liberties Union has had its share of similar legal battles; the vicious Mikey Weinstein with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has had even more.

So kudos to White.

And kudos to Trump for keeping White close.

“I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy,” White said.

“I secure his calling, I secure his purpose, I secure his family, and we secure victory in the name which is above every name … the name of Jesus Christ.”

And with that, the spiritual battle lines have been drawn.

Let the secularist weeping and gnashing of teeth begin.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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