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Poll: Over 75% of College Students Support Abortion in Most or All Cases

More than 75 percent of college students support abortion in most or all cases, according to a recent survey conducted by College Pulse.

College Pulse surveyed more than 10,000 American college students who are enrolled in four-year degree programs and found that 60 percent identify as “pro-choice,” while 78 percent support abortion in most or all cases. More than one-third of students surveyed, 35 percent, believe the procedure should be legal in “all cases,” while 43 percent believe it should be legal in “most” cases.

When asked which circumstance calls for a “legal” abortion, 24 percent chose “the pregnancy places mother’s own health at risk,” 23 percent chose “mother was raped,” and 20 percent chose “the fetus is diagnosed with severe abnormalities.”

Additionally, 44 percent said abortion should be considered “morally acceptable.”

Only 22 percent of those surveyed said the procedure should be “illegal.”

Those views, however, do not necessarily reflect the general American public, with support for abortion dropping to 58 percent. Of those, less than one-fourth believes the procedure should be legal in “all” cases.

Thirty-seven percent of all Americans believe abortion should be illegal in most or all cases, the survey found.

The stark difference between the two groups could serve as a testament to the ultra-liberal environment on college campuses.

The survey also found that female students are more likely to view abortion as a “litmus test” for candidates vying for their support.

“Roughly 8 in 10 female students (77%) say they are unlikely to support a presidential candidate who doesn’t share their views on abortion, compared to 57% of male students,” College Pulse reported.

Students for Life’s director of communications, Matt Lamb, told Campus Reform that the survey needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

“If you look at the questions, most people support pro-life positions,” he said, according to Campus Reform.

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