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Democrats Forced To Delete Twitter Poll After It Backfires

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wanted to demonstrate that several months after his bruising confirmation hearings, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh remains an unpopular figure in American legal and political circles.


On Friday, the DSCC posted a Twitter poll asking whether people preferred justices in the mold of Kavanaugh or those more like liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The DSCC has vowed to take back the Senate, which is currently controlled by Republicans.

The last time anyone got a chance to see how the poll was going, Kavanaugh had nearly 70 percent and Ginsburg, who has been plagued by illness in recent months, was around 30 percent.

But soon the poll was going, going, gone.

The DSCC deleted the poll tweet, which drew more than one snarky comment during its ill-fated, brief existence.

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas called the attention of his followers to the poll Sunday.

Donald Trump Jr. also joined in the mockery.

Although Kavanaugh is now on the court, he remains a target of liberal groups.

“Senate Republicans made a mockery of their constitutional responsibility to provide ‘advice and consent’ on the president’s nomination of Justice Kavanaugh, and the American people deserve to know how and why the process was such a sham,” a number of groups, including Demand Justice, the Feminist Majority and the Women’s March, wrote in a recent letter to the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

“The public is just as entitled to a thorough review of Justice Kavanaugh’s record now as it was before he was elevated to the Supreme Court and to know whether allegations against him of sexual assault and perjury have any factual basis,” the letter said.

During the confirmation hearings, multiple women accused Kavanaugh of inappropriate sexual conduct during his high school and college days. There was no proof of any of the allegations, all of which Kavanaugh denied.

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