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Schumer HINTS of Abandoning Democrats

Senator Chuck Schumer is politically astute. And what he did recently shows that the panic engulfing the Democratic Party.

Schumer tweeted in response to President Trump’s tough with China on trade:

Hang tough on China, President @realDonaldTrump. Don’t back down.

Strength is the only way to win with China.

Not long ago the president criticized Obama and other Democrats, including Schumer, on trade.

President Trump ripped the Obama administration and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Friday evening for doing “nothing” to protect U.S. interests in trade deals, after his administration reportedly informed Congress this week that it struck a deal to lift sanctions against Chinese telecommunications company ZTE.

Democrats are not a fan of the agreement, and their opposition prompted Trump to fire back and explain why he chose to try and keep ZTE afloat in the U.S.

“Funny to watch the Democrats criticize Trade Deals being negotiated by me when they don’t even know what the deals are and when for 8 years the Obama Administration did NOTHING on trade except let other countries rip off the United States. Lost almost $800 Billion/year under ‘O,'” he said in one tweet, referring to the trade deficit under his predecessor, Barack Obama. The $800 billion figure Trump has used in the past has been disputed as being inflated.

While Schumer disagreed to a small degree with Obama on trade, he did little to fight him. And though Schumer claimed to be against TPP, you certainly couldn’t tell it from this speech.

So what’s really happening?

I suggest that Schumer now signals to Democrats that he needs to shift politically. But as with all things political, Schumer must make the shift subtle.

What better place to start than trade with China. Schumer knew Obama was wrong on TPP. Which means, Schumer knew Trump was right. While Obama punted, agreeing to grow America’s trade deficit, because he claimed that deficit to be the “new normal”, Schumer did nothing.

Again, Schumer’s stance on trade has always been closer to Trump’s than Obama’s, but why now? Why back the president’s play?

Trump said Sunday that he would increase tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese products to 25% from 10% on Friday. The president added that he would “shortly” put duties on the $325 billion in Chinese goods currently not subject to tariffs.

Do the numbers and there is no way China can compete. And clearly the president signaled that the time for stalling has ended.

That’s a pretty tough stance. So why wouldn’t Schumer call the president unhinged. Most of the media and other Leftists have called Trump’s plan a “trade war”. Ironically, we lose this war annually to the tune of over $700 billion. Enough to make America’s trade deficit the 19th largest GDP in the world. In other words, what war.

America has been an indentured servant to our trade partners for decades. And those numbers escalated greatly under Obama. At least now we have a president who knows how to fight for America.

Back to Schumer.

Expect him to agree more and more with Trump, particularly as the election nears. The Democrats have no viable candidate, ergo no chance to beat Trump. At some point, Democrats must at least pretend that they accomplished something in this great Era of Trump.

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